Juggling two AC campaigns

Jon Nash / www.jonnashphotography.com
Ben Ainslie is now focussing on his own JP Morgan BAR campaign while being a helmsman for Oracle Team USA
And on Sunday night what are we all doing (in the UK at least)? The BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards this year are significant for one of the 12 shortlisted to win the award is Ben Ainslie, who this year of course became the most successful Olympic sailor of all time. The BBC program starts at 07.30 and the ultimate decision is based made on viewers calling in – the telephone number to ring will be revealed on the night... Since winning his fifth Olympic medal in August, Ainslie has bunkered down in San Francisco to focus on his two projects. One is his own JP Morgan BAR team that aims to challenge for the 35th America’s Cup, the other is his role as one of Oracle Team USA’s three helmsman. He has also announced his retirement from Olympic sailing. While he made have finally outgrown the Finn, had the Star remained in for Rio 2016, then his decision may have been different, although Ainslie says this wasn’t the only reason: “One of the key elements of the decision was the Olympic classes, so I needed to take some time to see what happened there, but also just the way things are going with the America’s Cup... We seem to be really getting some traction and support behind the JP Morgan BAR team and so it became clear to me to make that happen and push that forwards, I had to make a decision and give it 100% of my time and effort to make it a success. So in the end it was actually quite an easy decision.” While dividing his time between JP Morgan BAR and the AC defender, is okay at the moment, come 2013 it will prove to be more of a struggle for Ainslie. As he says: