Video: Sea trialling two DSS lateral foil-equipped Infiniti 36s

Hauling the mail downwind on the Bay of Palma
Down in Palma at the build-up to Gaastra PalmaVela we got the opportunity to two boat trial a pair of Infiniti 36s, Foiled and Skazka, the latter newly launched from Danish Yachts and to be campaigned by Neil Pryde this weekend. Both of these Hugh Welbourn designs are equipped with lateral DSS foils (read our recent update about these here). For the tests we went sailing yesterday with initially Skazka having her foil deployed while the foil was retracted on Foiled. Upwind in around 8-10 knots there was little to choose between the two in terms of their speed, however Skazka was showing less dynamic movement in terms of pitching, roll, etc. The most compelling demonstration of the DSS foil was when the wind picked up a little and kites were hoisted on the two boats (around four minutes into the video below). At this point Skazka's foil was brought in (initially) and Foiled's was deployed and it was noticable that with the DSS foil out, cruising along at 14-15 knots Foiled was able to hold her sail better and if required could sail significantly higher. It should be noted that Foiled had significantly more crew weight on board than Skazka and both boats were being sailed by crews unfamiliar with the DSS foil.