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First winners decided

Another day in the sun at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week

Friday August 9th 2013, Author: Rupert Holmes, Location: none selected

The penultimate day of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week was another warm day with plenty of sun and winds of around 8-15 knots that increased to 12-20 knots with occasional stronger gusts during the afternoon as thermal enhancement boosted the gradient west-north-westerly breeze.

The larger Black Group classes started today on the Black Group Committee Boat, which was stationed near Lee on Solent on the north shore of the eastern Solent, before heading to the western Solent on a long beat against the tide and eventually finishing on the Royal Yacht Squadron line, in a classic Cowes Week finish under spinnaker and as close to the shore as they dared to keep out of the adverse tidal stream.

First to finish in IRC Class 2 was 83-year-old Piet Vroon’s hugely successful Ker 46 Tonnerre de Breskens 3, almost 10 minutes ahead of the second boat to cross the line, Richard Rankin’s elegant 12 Metre Italia. Both were able to save their time on handicap, with Andrew Pearce’s Ker 40 Magnum 3 taking third place on corrected time.

Although Pearce started today’s race comfortably leading the fleet overall, with a cushion of six points on Italia having scored only podium results, Vroon was able to discard an uncharacteristic 20 points from his retirement on Sunday, to win the class overall with a score of six points. Pearce took second overall on 11 points and Rankin third on 13 points.

IRC Class 3 encompasses five Figaro lls, a variety of fast 40 footers, including 11 First 40s, a trio of J/122s as well as older larger boats such as Jeremy Paul’s Nicholson 55 Astra and Lloyds Yacht Club’s Swan 53 Lutine. At the start of today’s race David Bartholomew’s King 40 Tokoloshe held an unassailable overall lead on 11 points, eight ahead the Mills 39 Zero ll Local Letterbox, skippered by James Gair. Third overall going into the final race was the lowest-rated boat in the fleet, Jim Macgregor’s Elan 410 Premier Flair.

Nicolas Loday’s French Grand Soleil 43 Codiam was first to finish today and saved her time to also win on handicap by four seconds over Macgregor. With Loday also able to discard a 21st place on the first day, he takes second overall, five points behind Bartholomew and 3.5 points ahead of Macgregor.

Photo finishes

The J/111 fleet – racing first time in their own class at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week – also enjoyed a tantalisingly close finish, with the first six boats crossing the RYS line in a period of 105 seconds after two hours of racing. James Arnell’s Jeeze Louise, overall class leader at the start of the day, had a disappointing race but was able to discard a fourth place to retain victory in the series.

By contrast, Duncan McDonald’s Shmokin Joe had a better race, notching up their second first place this week. However, it was not enough to lift them out of second overall. A second place today for Lloyd Hamilton’s Toe in the Water, one of the boats sailed by profoundly injured servicemen, saw her tied on 17 points with David and Kirsty Apthorp’s J-Dream, with Toe in the Water taking third overall on count back.

Another sign of the intensity of competition in this class is that Tony Mack’s McFly finished the week on 18 points to take fifth place (despite having ended up on Ryde Sands for the duration of a tide on Wednesday - yet coming through miraculously unscathed). However, had McFly finished with one point fewer she would have won the count back for third place thanks to winning Monday’s four-hour long race by 27 seconds.

The First 40.7 fleet started today with any of six boats having a mathematical chance of scoring a podium place in the overall results. Pete Newland’s Anticipation was first to finish today, 11 seconds ahead of Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe’s Incognito. However, although the boats are all very similar, they are not one design and race on handicap. On corrected time Incognito was 23 seconds ahead – her fourth win of the event – which secured first place overall. Despite his second place today, Newlands had to be content with third overall – James Wilkie’s Mitchellson Interceptor, took third place today, just 35 seconds behind Newlands, and was able to discard a sixth place from Monday to take third overall in the class.

The J/109 class was dominated last year by Jonathan Calascione and Jonnie Goodwin’s Harlequin, which also won Black Group overall. However, this year she has had a close fight with Ross Walker’s Juno – going into the final race the two boats were separated by only a single point. The 109 is a class with a reputation for close racing and today was no exception, with half the 18-strong fleet finishing during a nail biting period of just 59 seconds.

Harlequin won today’s race to notch up a fourth win and secure the overall class title three points ahead of Juno. A fifth place today was enough to secure third overall for Tor Mclaren’s Inspara in a three-way battle for the final podium place with Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland’s Jet and Arjen van Leeuwen’s Joule.

Barging at the start

Multihulls and the smaller IRC classes started on the Bramble line today, heading west against up to two knots of east-going tide. With the committee boat end of the line strongly favoured, there was a big pile up here at the IRC Class 4 start, when a pile of boats attempted to barge in around the stern of the Committee boat. There were still boats stuck between the inner limit mark and the committee boat a minute after the start and one competitor hooked the anchor line of the inner limit mark with her rudder, towing it off station.

Despite the bias on the line, Adam Gosling’s Corby 36 Yes! opted to avoid the pack, starting in clean air in the middle of the line. It was a wise move that saw him back in his familiar position at the front of the fleet and he won today’s race by a margin of almost five minutes on corrected time, securing the overall class victory and an overall win in Black Group.

Gosling commented: "We won Black Group before in 2009 in the Corby 29. I appreciate you are only suppose to win Black Group once in your life, but hey. Both have been in Corby designs, so John Corby, who was on board this week, is extremely happy.

“We’ve had a great week on this 18-year-old boat which is the old Mustang Sally, built by John using a team from the Three Crowns pub. She’s now come back to Cowes and I bought here at Easter. We made a list of things we were going to keep including the hull, deck, keel, rudder and winches, and that was about it. John has done a complete refit over three months.

“She's a great boat to sail and, together with a good crew, we’ve had some very competitive racing this week. Black Group is always a difficult one to win because you can only control your own class. We’d won our own class overall yesterday and went out today knowing fool well we had to come first in our class again to ensure a win in Black Group overall. And we did.”

The Sigma 38s were next away, with Chris and Vanessa Choules’ With Alacrity, the top placed boat overall, looking to gain an advantage by closing the committee boat after passing the inner limit mark on the correct side. However, she had a disappointing race, finishing fifth, a result she was able to discard and therefore retain the class win. Similarly, a win today for Cees Schrauwers’s Gambit – her best result of the week – was not enough to lift them out of fifth place overall. Kevin Sussmilch’s Mefisto took second overall, with Max Walker’s Pavlova lll third.

IRC Class 5 has been dominated by a French JPK1010, Dussere Louis-Marie’s Raging Bee. At the start of today’s race they were leading the class with eight points and were able to discard today’s third place, while her competitors had high scores. A win today for Peter Scholfield’s HOD 35 Zarafa saw him tied on 18 points for second place with John Howell’s Dehler 36SQ Alaris, which finished second today, with Zarafa ahead on count back.

In the Sigma 33 class, Richard Puddifoot’s Whippa Snappa was again leading the fleet overall at the beginning of the final day, but with only a three-point buffer on T Claridge and J Fox’s Excelle. However, a fourth win for Puddifoot saw him retain the class title, while Claridge and Fox held on to second overall on count back after a fifth place today left them concluding the series tied on 12 points with Jeff Worboy’s Workout.

Roger Swinney’s Innuendo had a great start in the Quarter Ton class, as did Liz Rushall, Lincoln Redding and Catrina Southworth’s Whiskers, which stared nearer the committee boat. Eric Reynolds’ Magnum Evolution was first to tack onto port, ducking behind Whiskers, but clearing ahead of Roberts/Assael’s Bad Toad. With Whiskers having already secured a class win, the race today was to secure the other podium places. Tony Hayward’s Blackfun notched up her first win of the event, to take third overall, while a second place for Reynolds today secured second place overall.

There has been an intense battle all week at the head of the Contessa 32 class, with Eldred Himsworth’s Drumbeat and Ray Rouse’s Blanco on eight and nine points respectively at the start of the final race. Rouse was back on form today, winning from Himsworth by almost 83 seconds, leaving the duo tied on 10 points. With Rouse having won four races during the week, against Himsworth’s two, Blanco wins the tiebreak.

In IRC Class 6 Charles Ivill’s J/97 ETB Tyres Jiggery Pokery took line honours today and again saved their time on handicap to take a fourth win and overall victory in the class, counting just six points. Justin Leese and Mark Brown’s Figaro 1 Black Diamond was second today, and third overall, while third place today secured second overall for Bob and Joan Baker’s X-332 Brightwork.

In IRC Class 7 Jo Richard’s H-Boat Woof took a fifth win today and was able to discard 27 points picked up on Wednesday to win the class counting only first places. Madelaine and Isobella Donald’s Folkboat Madelaine was third today but was able to retain second overall ahead of another Folkboat, Paul Dunstan’s Mandarin.

The Sunsail F40 class is generally one that sees a high-scoring series, however, this year Panik had a clean run of top five results, leaving her with 16 points overall. However, First Sailing, takes the class win, counting four first places and one second, as with six races sailed she is now able to discard the points picked up from retiring yesterday. Simply is third overall with 22 points.

Peter Bainbridge’s J/122 Sky Hunter ll won Cruiser Division A with a day to spare, having won every race apart from Wednesday’s, when he finished second. However, there was a four-way tussle for second place, with two J/100s, Julian James’ Thunder Squall and Ole Bettum’s Alamara B ll, and Janet, Lionel and David Miller’s classic Swan 44 White Heather and Mark Devereux’s Swan 42 Brevity. A win for Devereux today saw him take second overall, five points ahead of the J/100s who were tied on 16 points, with the count back resolved in favour of Bettum.

White Group

A number of the dayboat classes also conclude today, including the SB20 class. Jerry Hill’s sportsboatworld.com has again dominated the fleet this year, but he started prematurely today and had to return to restart. Despite that disadvantage, he still won today’s race, but by a margin of only two seconds over Paralympic gold medallist and Ladies Day trophy winner Helena Lucas’ Volvo. In an adrenaline-pumping finish, Sarah Allen’s Gill crossed the line just two seconds after Volvo to take third place today.

While Hill had the overall win sewn up, Lucas, Allen and Scott Graham and Nick Elder’s Chill Pill Plus were in a tight battle for second place overall. This went to Allen, who ended the regatta one point ahead of Lucas, with Graham and Elder just half a point further back in fourth overall.

In the J/80 fleet Colin Simonds’ Doolalli made an excellent start for the second successive day, but was pipped at the finish by Jamie Diamond’s Rascal. This fleet has been dominated this year by Chris Taylor’s J.A.T., who was able to discard a sixth place today to win the class overall by three points from Simonds. Taylor’s success in the class also gains him the Young Skipper’s trophy. Diamond’s win today gives him third overall in the class, one point ahead of Ben Richards and Andrew Dallas’ Seafire.

The RS Elite class was won decisively by Crauford McKeon’s Kandoo lll, with Jono Brown’s Aeolus second and Steve Powell’s E’Tu third. By contrast, there was a tight battle at the top of the Victory class. A win for Mark Dennington, Jo Dennington and Jim Downing’s Ziva today saw her take third place overall with 15 points. Hugh Pringle’s Pelican finished seven seconds after Ziva today and takes second overall on 13 points, while Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins’ Variety wins the class with 12 points.

Friday night sees a display by the Red Arrows aerobatic team and the event’s famed fireworks. Racing at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week concludes tomorrow for the remaining White Group classes and for Black Group competitors that will race for daily prizes. There will also be a cruiser class race aimed at providing a simplified introduction to racing at the regatta. 

Black Group Overall
1, YES! (Adam Gosling)
3, RAGING BEE (Dussere Louis-Marie)
4, SKY HUNTER II (Peter Bainbridge)
5, HARLEQUIN (Jonathan Calascione and Jonnie Goodwin)
6, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
7, TOKOLOSHE (David Bartholomew)
8, GAZELLE (Minka Armitage)

White Group Overall
1, LADY PENELOPE (Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
3, AIMEE (Graham Bailey)
4, AMETHYST (Charles Glanville)
5, J.A.T (Chris Taylor)
6, BERTIE (Alistair Barter and Ed Suckling)
7, VARIETY (Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins)

IRC Big Boat Series
1, RAN (Niklas Zennstrom)
2, BELLA MENTE (Hap Fauth)
3, 5 DEGREES WEST (Keith Mills)
4, PACE (Johnny Vincent)
5, GLADIATOR (Tom Wilson)
6, BRONENOSEC (Igor Frolov)
7, ESIMIT EUROPA 2 (Jochen Schumann)
8, AZZAM (Ian Walker)
9, SECRET MENS BUSINESS 3.5 (Geoff Boettcher)
10, CARO (Stuart Bannatyne)

IRC Class 1
1, 5 DEGREES WEST (Keith Mills)
2, PACE (Johnny Vincent)
3, GLADIATOR (Tom Wilson)
4, BRONENOSEC (Igor Frolov)
5, SGM (Marianna Strunnikova)
6, SECRET MENS BUSINESS 3.5 (Geoff Boettcher)
7, VENOMOUS (Derek Saunders)
8, TSAAR PETER (tbc)

IRC Class 2
2, MAGNUM3 POWERED BY SLAM (Andrew Pearce)
3, ITALIA (Richard Rankin)
4, TOE IN THE WATER TOO (Capt Lloyd Hamilton MBE)
5, OYSTERCATCHER XXX (Richard Matthews)
6, SAGA (Alain Foulquier)
8, JOLT 2 (Peter Harrison)
9, VONDELING (Anthony Ward)
10, REBEL (Stewart Whitehead)

IRC Class 3
1, TOKOLOSHE (David Bartholomew)
2, CODIAM (Nicolas Loday)
3, PREMIER FLAIR (Jim Macgregor)
5, COBRA GILL RACE TEAM (Michael Blair)
6, JIVARO (Yves Grosjean)
7, HURRYCANE (Kenny Bruneflod)
8, ABERDEEN SAILPLANE (Gordon Ketelbey)
9, CYBERARK (Alex & Andy Moore)
10, BRITANNIA LANCELOT II (Britannia Lancelot II)

IRC Class 4
1, YES! (Adam Gosling)
2, STRAIT DEALER (David Franks)
4, XINSKA (Bernard Olesinski)
5, BONEXEMPLE (Jochem Visser)
6, BENGAL MAGIC (Knight Build Ltd)
7, DUNKERQUE PLAISANCE (Dunkerque - Gill Race Team)
8, SAFFIER NITRO (Dennis Hennevanger)
9, TANIT (Richard Harris)
10, SALVO (Mr & Mrs Peter Morton)

IRC Class 5
1, RAGING BEE (Dussere Louis-Marie)
2, ZARAFA (Major Peter Scholfield)
3, ALARIS (John Howell)
4, WINSOME (Harry Heijst)
5, XCITABLE (Peter Hodgkinson and Sarah Bailey)
6, INDULJENCE (Nick Munday)
7, KING LOUIE (Fiona & Malcolm Thorpe)
8, EXTRA DJINN (Neville Hodkin)
9, JIN AND TONIC (Charles Nicholson and Neil McGrigor)
10, AMAZON (Tony and Chuffy Merewether)

IRC Class 6
2, BRIGHTWORK (Bob and Jon Baker)
3, BLACK DIAMOND (Justin Leese and Mark Brown)
4, J'RONIMO (David Greenhalgh)
5, SIMPLICITY (Rory Fitzwilliams)
6, CLARIONET (Sam Laidlaw and Rob Gray)
7, INSATIABLE (Tim Cunliffe)
8, ICOM COOL BLUE (Simon Cory)
9, MOGAN (Graham Thursfield)
10, CHIA CHIA (Eagleton/Waterhouse)

IRC Class 7
1, WOOF (Jo Richards)
2, MADELAINE (Madelaine and Isobella Donald)
3, MANDARIN (Paul Dunstan)
4, FIANCHETTO (Ed Brand)
5, VINYL SOLUTIONS (William Lack)
6, JIMINY CRICKET (Mike & Barbara Harrison)
7, MW DREAM ON (Nathan Cordy)
8, CONNIE (Ian Stow)
9, TWO FRANK (Oliver Love and Samantha Flint)
10, GOOGLE-EYE (Pat Stables and Nigel Hunter)

IRC Class 7A
1, WOOF (Jo Richards)
2, FIANCHETTO (Ed Brand)
3, VINYL SOLUTIONS (William Lack)
4, TWO FRANK (Oliver Love and Samantha Flint)
5, GOOGLE-EYE (Pat Stables and Nigel Hunter)
6, BURHOU (Team Greatlets.com)
7, CONTEZA (David Kirkley)
8, JUPITER (Edmund Gatehouse)
9, FUSION 3 (Will Bridge)
10, KOCHI (Gareth Jones)

IRC Class 7B
1, MADELAINE (Madelaine and Isobella Donald)
2, MANDARIN (Paul Dunstan)
3, JIMINY CRICKET (Mike & Barbara Harrison)
4, MW DREAM ON (Nathan Cordy)
5, CONNIE (Ian Stow)
6, MEOW (Chris Charlesworth)
7, EXOCET (Tom Firth)
8, HANNAH J (Richard & Sarah Johnson)
9, MERGANSER (Catherine Munro Kerr)
10, IF.... (Martin Moore, Caroline Hoy and Simon Coombes)

Contessa 32
1, BLANCO (Ray Rouse)
2, DRUMBEAT (Eldred Himsworth)
3, BLUE SHARK (Ken Mizen and Don Laing)
4, GUALIN (Rob Duke)
5, NIMBUS (Michael Hill)
6, JEMMA OF BOSHAM (Keith Hardy and Tim Hardy)
7, CORAFIN (Jess Hoggarth)
9, COH KAREK (Tim Devlin)

Cork 1720
1, CRESCENDO (James W Flynn O.B.E)
2, PREMIER CRU (Tom Richardson)
3, MIDNIGHT COWBOY (Steph Merry)
4, RUM N CORK (Livingstone Lewis)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, SKY HUNTER II (Peter Bainbridge)
2, BREVITY (Mark Devereux)
3, ALAMARA B II (Ole Bettum)
4, THUNDER SQUALL (Julian James)
5, WHITE HEATHER (Janet, Lionel and David Miller)
7, DOTTY DOT (Clive Cutler)
8, THE PACKHOUSE (Alison Hougham)
9, SHONEY (Jack Boucher)
10, PHIZZ OF CAEN (Trevor Hardaker)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, GAZELLE (Minka Armitage)
2, HAGGIS (Andrew Buchanan, Rebecca Taylor and Stuart Buchanan)
3, LITTLE SPIRIT (Brian Cooper)
4, WIDGEON (Nick Fletcher)
5, SUNBOW II (Andrew Quicke)
6, FORRADER (David Hall)
7, KALIMA II (Andrew Prynne)
8, MIGHTY CRAIC (Nigel Northridge)
9, SAPHIR (Tony Mace)
10, SKAI (Andrew Yates)

1, DECOY (Andrew Norton, Richard Ottaway, David Chaplin, Julian Goodwi)
2, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham, Milo Carver and Richard Romer-Lee)
3, DYNAMITE (Anthony Balme)
4, DAMSEL (Jamie Scrimgeour, Daniel Stephenson, Jamie Campbell and Mich)
5, DEFIANT (C A G Perry, R A Aisher OBE, P Blackwell, P Buckley, P L F F)
6, DEFENDER (J Preston, P Morton and R Laird)
7, DOUBLE KNOT (John Hackman)
8, DOLPHIN (David N Gower)
9, DREAMER (Mrs Charles Perry)
10, STREAK (Hamish Janson, George Dibben and Malcolm Lofts)

1, AIMEE (Graham Bailey)
2, ECSTATIC (Eric Williams)
3, JERBOA (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
4, FURIOUS (Owen Pay)
5, THE OLD BAILEY (Chris Brittain)
6, BERTIE (Simon Barter)
7, VIRAGO (Tim Blackwell and Lisa Guy)
8, GANADOR (Martin Makey)
9, NAIAD (Mike Hayles)
10, CHIME (Michael Issaias)

1, STAMPEDE (Rob & Ashley Goddard)
2, DARLING S (Tarra Gill-Taylor)
3, ICE (Andrew, Donna and Freddie Cooper)
4, EXABYTE V (Shaun Frohlich)
5, MOONLIGHT (Mark Downer)
6, FREELANCE (Laurence Mead)
7, ZIGGY (Kevin Downer, Timothy Eccles and Josh Downer)
8, SHAMAL (Hugh Evans and Roger Reynolds)
9, IDEA (Jack Wilson)
10, ESPRIT (Robert Elliott)

Figaro II
1, ARTEMIS FIGARO 37 (Ed Hill)
2, ARTEMIS FIGARO 23 (Sam Matson)
3, ARTEMIS FIGARO 43 (Alex Gardner)
4, ARTEMIS FIGARO 77 (Jack Bouttell)
5, ARTEMIS FIGARO 21 (Robin Elsey)
6, SHELTERBOX (Sam Goodchild)

First 40.7
1, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
3, ANTICIPATION (Peter Newlands)
4, PLAYING AROUND (Francis Carr)
5, FANDANGO (Brendan McMahon and Adam Ridett)
6, EDIGITAL RESEARCH (eDigital Research)
7, BRITANNIA LANCELOT (Britannia Lancelot)
9, BRITANNIA PARALLEL BLUE (Britannia Parallel Blue)
10, EUROTANK S&B (Solent Events)

Flying 15
1, MEN BEHAVING BADLY (Rupert and John Mander)
2, BLACK (Nick Clarke)
3, FFURAHA (Mike Boll & Gil McCutcheon)
4, AFFORE THE WEAK (Mike & Alex Tatlow)
5, FFREEFIRE 20 (Sam Chan)
6, TRIFFS (Richard Triffitt)
7, SOUFFLE (Alastair Scammell)
8, DOUBLE TROUBLE (Andrew Rutherford)

1, TIME ON THE WATER (Hugh Styles)
2, SPAX SOLUTION (Laurent Lenne)
3, MARWIN (Flavio Marazzi)

HOD 35
1, ZARAFA (Major Peter Scholfield)
3, COMEDY OF ERRORS (Tony White)

1, TEAM RAFBF SPITFIRE (Wing Commander Simon Ling RAF)
2, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
3, WILSON COVERS (Ian Wilson)
4, NORTH SAILS (Ruairidh Scott)
5, DJANGO (Malcolm Jaques, Tristan Jaques, Naomi Rowbotham and Nix Broo)
6, JENGA 8 (Paul & Marie-Claude Heys)
7, BOATS.COM (Ian Atkins)
8, PHEEBS (Simon Cavey)

1, J.A.T (Chris Taylor)
2, DOOLALLI (Colin Simonds and Family)
3, RASCAL (Johanna Asplund, Meg Backhouse, Jamie Diamond, Kieren Hill a)
4, SEAFIRE (Ben Richards and Andrew Dallas)
5, JUICY (Donald Suter, Tom Samuels, Russell Hearn, Peter Carroll)
6, WILD WALLY (Robert Walters, David Walters and James O'Neill)
7, JUMBLESAIL (Rachel Woods and Rob Hunt)
8, JASMINE (Flora Greville)
9, SWALLOW (Chris Body)
10, BLUES IN J (Andrew Edwards)

J/80 (modified)
1, DARWIN PROPERTY (Charlie Esse)
2, ROYAL JUAN (Christopher Hill)
3, ROYAL 3 (Christopher Daniel)
4, ROYAL 2 (Sophie Sheldon)
5, ROYAL 4 (Sarah Fraser)

1, KING LOUIE (Fiona & Malcolm Thorpe)
2, JIN AND TONIC (Charles Nicholson and Neil McGrigor)
3, JOURNEYMAKER 5 (Chris Jones)
4, JACANA (Paul Wood)
5, JOS OF HAMBLE (Professor Roger Williams)
6, FAY-J (Stan Fenton)
7, MOSTLY HARMLESS (Natalie Jobling)

1, HARLEQUIN (Jonathan Calascione and Jonnie Goodwin)
2, JUNO (Stanley,Walker and Williams)
3, INSPARA (Tor Mclaren)
4, JOULE (Arjen van Leeuwen)
5, JET (Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland)
6, JUMPING JELLYFISH (Christopher Kearns)
7, BASIC INSTINCT (Mr Patrick Seely)
8, JUMUNU (Jamie Sheldon)
9, SARDONYX IX (William Edwards)
10, DIAMOND JEM (Robert Stiles)

1, JEEZ LOUISE (James Arnell)
2, SHMOKIN JOE (McDonald/Thomas)
3, TOE IN THE WATER (Capt Lloyd Hamilton MBE)
4, J-DREAM (David & Kirsty Apthorp)
5, MCFLY (Tony Mack)
6, JITTERBUG (Cornel Riklin)
7, ICARUS (Andrew Christie and John Scott)
8, SWEENY (Sweeny Sailing Team)
9, DJINN (S de Liedekerke)

1, AMETHYST (Charles Glanville)
2, BLUEBELL (Charles Tilley & Michael Smith)
3, SCUTTLE (Kate Broxham)
4, JADE (Helen Birchenough)
5, SHEEN (John Edwards)
6, MIMOSA (Jamie Nimmo)
7, ZARA (Will Caws)
8, ADASTRA (John Turner and Johnny King)
9, DRAGONFLY (Richard Prest)
10, SIRENA (Max Baines)

1, BUZZ (Phil Cotton)
2, WANDERING GLIDER (Matthew West)

Nautor's Swan Trophy
1, BRONENOSEC (Igor Frolov)
2, SHEEVRA (Jonathan Wallis)
3, VONDELING (Anthony Ward)
4, BEWICK OF COWES (Robin Lucas, Doug Pennycuick, Richard Heighton, and Andrew L)
5, SOMETHING (Mike Bailey and Andy Roy)
6, LUTINE (Liz Lotz and Lloyd's Yacht Club)
7, BELLA NOVE (Nick Maddalena)
8, SGM (Marianna Strunnikova)
9, ASTRA (Jeremy Paul)
10, NORTHERN CHILD (Performance Yacht Charter)

Quarter Ton
1, WHISKERS (Cat Southworth, Liz Rushall and Lincoln Redding)
2, MAGNUM EVOLUTION (Eric Reynolds)
3, BLACKFUN (Tony Hayward)
4, INNUENDO (R Swinney, B Byham and R Boxell)
5, CRI-CRI (Paul Colton)
6, PER ELISA (Richard Fleck)
7, JOKER (Ed White)
8, PHOENIX (Welch, Fulford, Flemming and Manser)
9, BAD TOAD (Roberts/Assael)
10, RAGTIME 2 (Tony Newberry)

1, HARLEQUIN (John Raymond and Matt Alexander)
2, QUAIL (B Huber, C Blackburn, A Greene)
3, BANZAI II (Mr & Mrs Nick Rowton-Lee and Mr & Mrs Rory Morrison)
4, TOUCAN (Colin & Becky Samuelson)
5, REDSTART II (Caroline and Edmund Peel)
6, PAROQUET (James Axtell and Lucy Benham)
7, RED GAUNTLET II (Anne Robertson, Joe Robertson and Bel Robertson)
8, GOOSE (Major Nick Woolgar and Olav Cole Esq)
9, MUSICUS (David McCue and Nicholas Robertson)
10, GOSLING (Serena Gosling)

Reflex 38
1, PUMA LOGIC (Sailing Logic)
2, INTUITION (Capstan Sailing)
3, LIGHTNING REFLEX (Geoffrey West)
4, LION LOGIC (Sailing Logic/Linklaters)
5, JAGUAR LOGIC (Sailing Logic/Linklaters)

RS Elite
1, KANDOO III (Crauford)
2, AEOLUS (Jono Brown)
3, E'TU (Steve Powell)
4, WOMBAT (Jonathon Proctor)
5, ESCAPADE (Mark Allerston)
6, USAIN BOAT (Peter Dudgeon)
7, LIMELITE (Andrew Christie)
8, FLYING A (Anthony & Alice Duggan)
9, SOAK THERAPY (Egerton-Warburton Family)
10, GALADRIAL (Alasdair McLeod)

2, GILL (Sarah Allan)
3, CHILL PILL PLUS (Scott Graham and Nick Elder)
4, VOLVO (Helena Lucas)
5, 3-SOME (Duncan Pryde)
6, SPONGEBOB (Syd McLean)
7, EDIGITALRESEARCH (Charles Russell)
8, SAIL NAVY (Royal Naval Sailing Association)
9, TURBULENCE TOO (Paul & Natalie French)
10, HENRI LLOYD / FORELLE (Joe Llewellyn)

Sigma 33
1, WHIPPA SNAPPA (Richard J Puddifoot)
2, EXCELLE (T Claridge and J Fox)
3, WORKOUT (Jeff Worboys)
4, SPIRIT OF KUDU (Mark Watkins)
5, PROSPERO OF HAMBLE (Allan Fraser)
6, CHASER (David Cheney)
7, MUSKOKA (Ed Smith)
8, POLISHED MANX (Kuba Szymanski)

Sigma 38
1, WITH ALACRITY (Chris & Vanessa Choules)
2, MEFISTO (Kevin Sussmilch)
3, PAVLOVA III (Max Walker)
4, VITESSE (Peter Hopps and Hilary Cook)
5, GAMBIT (Cees Schrauwers)
6, SIGMANIA (David Linton)
7, LIGHT (John & Susan Rainger)
8, FLYING FORMULA (David McCarthy)
9, SIGMAGICIAN (Sigmagician's)
10, RHO (Equinox Sailing)

1, BERTIE (Alistair Barter and Ed Suckling)
2, JENNY (Andy Cassell and Ken Newman)
3, MISCREANT (David Peerless)
4, PARALYMPIC GIRLS TEAM (Hannah Stodel, Megan Pascoe, Carol Dugdale, Bella Walsh and)
5, PERISCOPE (Peter Collins)
6, BISCUIT (Rosy Jones)
7, DISCOVERY (Brian Malone)
8, WISCONSIN (James Holman)
9, PISCES (Greg Driver and Penny Carter)
10, FISCAL (Steve Hargreaves)

1, OH NO (Julian Cook and Caroline Aisher)
2, BETTY (Jon Powell)
3, DARWIN PROPERTY (Charlie Esse)
4, CRESCENDO (James W Flynn O.B.E)
5, FER DE LANCE (Glyn Locke)
6, CLIPPER MARINE B/ONE (Richard Root)
7, ROYAL JUAN (Christopher Hill)
8, MIDNIGHT COWBOY (Steph Merry)
9, ROYAL 3 (Christopher Daniel)
10, PREMIER CRU (Tom Richardson)

1, LADY PENELOPE (Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
2, SURPRISE (Duncan Grindley)
3, FIRECRACKER TOO (Andrew Porteous, David Coombes and Jerry Westbrook)
4, SQUIB (Dick Batt)
5, LIZZ WHIZ (Ray Prime)
6, ALDEBARAN (Iain Jones and Peter Jackson)
7, AQUABAT (Fred Warren-Smith)
8, OSPREY (Chris Gear, Andy Foulks and Miss Alex Porteous)
9, PANTHER III (Amy Gaskin and George Downer)
10, SATU (Kev Gibson and Marney Gibson)

1, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
2, FIREFLY (Stewart Reed)
3, FLEURY (Joe Burnie)
4, MELODY (Commander John Ford)
5, FAY (Richard Pearson)
6, PENNY (Julian Money)
7, MYSTERY (Viv Williams)
8, QUERY (Tim Hill)
9, ALCHEMY (Mark & Nicola Harvey)
10, DAINTY (Peter Nicholson and Mike Hollis)

Sunsail F40
1, FIRST SAILING (First Sailing)
2, PANIK (Panik)
3, SIMPLY (Simply)
4, CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH (The Cardiovascular Health Clinic)
5, ABERDEEN EDINBURGH (Aberdeen Edinburgh)
6, SCHRODERS ALPHA (Schroders Alpha)
7, CAZENOVE DIVERSITY (Casenove Diversity)
8, HOWDEN (Howden)
9, DELOITTE 3 (Deloitte 3)
10, DELOITTE 2 (Deloitte 2)

1, CURLEW (CUCrC: Fiona Hampshire, Arthur Henderson and Honor Fell)
3, SOLITUDE (Anthony Lunch and Andrew Reid)
4, MIGRANT (Charles Fisher and Richard & Carol Thompson)
5, WHIMBREL (Peter Snell)
6, MARENGO (Oliver Sloper)
7, AVOCET (John Houghton)
8, ARCHON (Sir Malcolm Green)
9, KINGFISHER (Graham Barnes and Tim Wood)
10, HARRIER (Charles Prescot)

1, VARIETY (Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins)
2, PELICAN (Hugh Pringle)
3, ZIVA (Mark Dennington, Jo Dennington and Jim Downing)
4, ZINNIA (John Scammell)
5, ZELIA (Geoff & Sarah Dixon, Maxine Reeves and Hugh Winter)
6, SHEARWATER (Russell Mead)
7, ZEST (KF and SA Taylor)
8, ZIRCON (Gareth Penn)
9, MINX (Team Terry - Andrew, Carole and Lauren)
10, PEREGRINE (Duncan Evans)

X One Design
1, LASS (John Tremlett, Jeremy Lear, Richard Jordan and Richard Bullo)
2, ASTRALITA (Michael Martell)
3, MADELEINE (Kim Slater Robert Bedford and Simon Fumesy Russell)
4, SILHOUETTE (Tom Vernon)
5, GLEAM (James Meaning)
6, PHOENIX (Alastair Shaw)
7, LUCREZIA (Ado Jardine)
8, CATHERINE (Steve Lawrence and the Smart brothers)
9, LONE STAR (Stuart Jardine)
10, FOXGLOVE (Al & Jackie Ashford and Richard Neall)

The Westmacott Trophy
1, AMETHYST (Charles Glanville)
2, VARIETY (Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins)
3, PELICAN (Hugh Pringle)
4, ZIVA (Mark Dennington, Jo Dennington and Jim Downing)
5, MADELEINE (Kim Slater Robert Bedford and Simon Fumesy Russell)
6, FIREFLY (Stewart Reed)
7, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
8, BLUEBELL (Charles Tilley & Michael Smith)
9, PHOENIX (Alastair Shaw)
10, CATHERINE (Steve Lawrence and the Smart brothers)

Under 25 Trophy
1, J.A.T (Chris Taylor)
3, DARLING S (Tarra Gill-Taylor)
4, CURLEW (CUCrC: Fiona Hampshire, Arthur Henderson and Honor Fell)
5, RASCAL (Johanna Asplund, Meg Backhouse, Jamie Diamond, Kieren Hill a)
6, MW DREAM ON (Nathan Cordy)
7, MARENGO (Oliver Sloper)
8, PANTHER III (Amy Gaskin and George Downer)
9, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
10, IDEA (Jack Wilson)

Young Skipper's Trophy
1, J.A.T (Chris Taylor)
2, BERTIE (Alistair Barter and Ed Suckling)
4, DARLING S (Tarra Gill-Taylor)
5, CURLEW (CUCrC: Fiona Hampshire, Arthur Henderson and Honor Fell)
6, DARWIN PROPERTY (Charlie Esse)
7, RASCAL (Johanna Asplund, Meg Backhouse, Jamie Diamond, Kieren Hill a)
8, AEOLUS (Jono Brown)
9, MW DREAM ON (Nathan Cordy)
10, PARALYMPIC GIRLS TEAM (Hannah Stodel, Megan Pascoe, Carol Dugdale, Bella Walsh and)

J/70 short series
1, NORTH SAILS (Ruairidh Scott)
2, DJANGO (Malcolm Jaques, Tristan Jaques, Naomi Rowbotham and Nix Broo)
3, TEAM RAFBF SPITFIRE (Wing Commander Simon Ling RAF)
4, BOATS.COM (Ian Atkins)
5, WILSON COVERS (Ian Wilson)
6, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
7, PHEEBS (Simon Cavey)
8, JENGA 8 (Paul & Marie-Claude Heys)

SB20 Grand Slam
2, HENRI LLOYD / FORELLE (Joe Llewellyn)
3, SLAM (Tim Saxton)
4, VOLVO (Helena Lucas)
5, MELSTON TEAM (Kirill Frolov, Alexey Murashkin and Egor Ignatenko)
6, GILL (Sarah Allan)
7, CHILL PILL PLUS (Scott Graham and Nick Elder)
8, BCG SAILING TEAM (Konstantin Lukoyanov)
10, WHYADUCK (Tom and Richard Clay)


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