America's Cup punditry

Terry Hutchinson, Francesco de Angelis, Dean Phipps, Mike Sanderson, Bouwe Bekking, Chris Nicholson and Seb Col share their views
 Terry Hutchinson - ex: America One, Stars & Stripes, Emirates Team NZ and until December last year, Artemis Racing skipper. Who is going to win the AC? “If I had to call it now, I’d say Team New Zealand.” Why? “Both teams look nice going through the water... In its simplest form, both teams are really good, but as a team they [ETNZ] are really good. My tenure there was part of that maturing process and it is a solid team and it is hard to put your finger on one thing. They have been at it long enough. Dean is good. Their team is good. “One thing that you would say is that this is the first Louis Vuitton where the challenger series racing hasn’t been as good as the in-house defender series racing - just a slam dunk to Team NZ, but I think that karma is on their side with everything that’s gone on. Ideal AC boat? “It would be a 72ft TP52, like a Mini Maxi but lighter and higher performance. Francesco de Angelis - three time skipper of Prada/Luna Rossa Challenge Who is going to win the AC? “I think with breeze for sure Team New Zealand is a very polished crew and they know their tool very well. The only thing is - what will happen if foiling is hard. That is the last good thing left on this America’s Cup - that you still don’t know until the last race who is going to be fast. All the rest I would forget.” Why Emirates Team New Zealand? “They did very good work so far and managed the campaign very well. They have a very talented group on the boat and off. As a campaign it has been very well managed. They deserve to be properly rewarded, but they