British campaign for the 35th America's Cup: Almost a green light

Mark Lloyd /
Sir Ben Ainslie poised to hit the go button...
Sir Ben Ainslie was in London on Tuesday for the launch of SOS Rehydrate (more about this here), for which he is both an ambassador and a shareholder. Ainslie met SOS Rehydrate co-founder James Mayo at a reception being thrown by the British ambassador in San Francisco and subsequently got the trainers and sailing team at Oracle Team USA to try the product, which they then adopted prior to the 34th America’s Cup. Having already launched out the product in the USA and New Zealand, SOS Rehydrate is now in the process of being rolled out in the UK. The big news of course is that Ainslie seems to have pulled off the impossible and there is very likely to be a British team in the 35th America’s Cup. Frankly, this is awesome news. “It's been a grand vision as far back as a couple of years ago, which is how the relationship came around with Oracle,” Ainslie explains. “We were very fortunate with how it all worked out in the Cup and the support back here in the UK. Jo [Grindley, of Into The Blue] has been doing a bloody good job on the commercial side to tee things up and as things fell into place, it started working. We pulled up a lot of momentum, a lot of support. So you occasionally have to pinch’s amazing we’ve got to this point...” Certainly Oracle Team USA’s come-from-behind victory has boosted Ainslie’s profile to new heights in the UK where he is now approaching household name status, to the same extent as Ellen MacArthur managed a decade ago. According to Ainslie there was no one green light moment after which they knew they could definitely press ahead with the campaign. “The result in San Francisco helped a huge amount, but then there have