Freddy Loof goes catamaran racing

Photos: Dan Ljungsvik
The London 2012 Star gold medallist tells us about his move to the M-32
The latest stalwart monohull sailor to make the transition to two hulls has been the London 2012 Star gold medallist, Swede Freddy Lööf. As mentioned in our interview with Håkan Svensson earlier in the week, Lööf has been regularly campaigning an M-32 catamaran since London 2012 and now says his Star sailing days are behind him. “I’m finished with that!” Lööf says of the boat in which he won Olympic Gold two years ago, plus bronze in Qingdao (in addition to his Finn bronze in Sydney in 2000). It doesn’t sound like he is going to be enticed back, despite the Star going through a metamorphosis with the advent of the ‘Star Sailors League’ last year. “I spoke to [Iain] Percy about it the other day and it like it is a closed chapter a little bit - let’s move on,” says Lööf. Most recently Lööf has been hanging out in Miami, and has acquired a Mach2 which he sailed in the US Moth Nationals, his first foray into the foiling Moth class. “It is just cool to learn and do something just for fun with no pressure. I learned to foil gybe yesterday, so I am all happy!” While the most successful Moth sailors are typically not Finn/Star sailor-sized, Lööf says he didn’t find he had any speed deficit above 11-12 knots. “I was sailing against other guys in 14 knots, and upwind I was just as fast – and that was only my 10th time in the boat. But that was upwind. Round the course – no way!” But Lööf’s main sailing at present is in the M-32. He first sailed the Marstrom cat in 2011, subsequently getting his old friend Håkan Svensson involved, the former Berg Propulsion boss now owner of the class. “We talked about it and I