America's Cup in Bermuda

Gilles Martin-Raget /
We consider Tuesday's announcement
After AP’s Bernie Wilson broke the story a few days ago that the 35th America’s Cup was going to be staged in Bermuda, there were few surprises when Harvey Schiller, the Commercial Commissioner for the America’s Cup, confirmed this at a press conference in New York on Tuesday. As a host venue for the 35th America’s Cup Bermuda and San Diego both have distinct pros and cons. Of the two Bermuda got thedailysail vote purely because it has the better wind conditions. Given that the 35th America’s Cup will be waged in foiling AC62 catamarans, being able to race in decent breeze will be the make or break of the event. We perhaps over-casually assume that the 35th America’s Cup will be an exact repeat of the drama and the extraordinary high octane sailing we witnessed during the 34th last year – in boats that may be smaller, but this time are purpose-designed for (and with a rule that now encourages) foiling. In fact a large part of last year’s spectacle was thanks to the superb 15-20+ knot wind conditions that regularly blew on San Francisco Bay. Seeing AC62s dragging their foils around a San Diego race track in low rider mode in 6 knots of breeze or even marginally foiling in 8, would not make for good television and practically the course there is really only just about big enough for the AC45s, let alone the new generation of 40 knot AC62 flying boats. On the plus side, San Diego is mainland America and, despite what the skippers said at the press conference, the California choice would have been the preferred option for the teams dependent upon commercial partners – allegedly all of them, but in particular Emirates Team New Zealand, Ben Ainslie Racing and Team France. Intriguingly at the