America's Cup in chaos - part 2

We continue our contemplation of the new smaller catamaran and the elusive America's Cup 'legacy'
Since our first installment of this article, it has been confirmed that the new AC48-50 (details yet to be announced) will replace the AC62 as the boat for the 34th America's Cup. Emirates Team New Zealand has said it will go to the America's Cup Arbitration Panel to determine if the contract it believes it has with ACEA agreeing that Auckland would host the America's Cup Qualifiers in 2017 must be respected. Luna Rossa, initially stating that it would withdraw its challenge from the 34th America's Cup if the goalposts were moved so significantly at this late stage, but are allegedly negotiating now...(oops - spoke too soon). In favour of the change, Ben Ainslie has aired his opinions about how a smaller boat is essential for the future of the America's Cup in an article on the Daily Telegraph website. America’s Cup Qualifier – Auckland or not? Just to recap, when the Protocol was published it indicated that the part of the America’s Cup, that has traditionally been the Louis Vuitton Challenger Selection series to determine the 'most worthy Challenger', is this time to be divided in two. First all teams, controversially including the Defender, will compete in the America’s Cup Qualifiers, which the Protocol states will be held in a venue other than Bermuda. The top four challengers from this then go through to race in the America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs to be held in the AC venue. We were led to believe that Auckland was going to be announced as the venue for the AC Qualifiers during the second week in March. However it appears this was scuppered the moment Emirates Team New Zealand sided with Luna Rossa in its opposition to the boat change. Following the latest shenanigans finding favour at the moment is hosting the Qualifiers in Bermuda. This would be good