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FAST 40 gathers Pace

Two new Ker 40+s set to compete in the UK's new high performance grand prix class in 2016

Tuesday November 24th 2015, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

With racing for the FAST 40+ class coming on line in the Solent for 2016, hopefully a new halcyone era of British grand prix yacht racing is set to dawn with owners acquiring new hardware, specifically to compete in the new high performance IRC-based class.

At least 12 FAST 40+s are set to compete next season with two of the most recent additions being new Ker 40+. Following Sir Keith Mills' Invictus, which has been racing this season, the two new boats will be a new Magnum for Andrew Pearce, previously the owner of a Mk1 Ker 40, and a new Pace for Johnny Vincent, who is trading smaller from his previous TP52.  

As with the Mk1 Ker 40s, the version 2 boats are being built by McConaghy Boats in China.

Andrew Pearce commented: "This is a most exciting project and I am particularly delighted that it is with another Ker/McConaghy product. We achieved so much with the last Magnum and I look forward to even greater success with this."

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