More men overboard

In Newport-Bermuda race, but fortunately all were successfully recovered
Man overboard incidents are at the forefront of sailors minds in the US at the moment following the loss of Jamie Boeckel from Blue Yankee on 25 May during the Storm Trisail Club's Block Island Race. Remarkably rough weather conditions and big Gulf Stream waves led to man overboard incidents on three of the early finishers in the Newport Bermuda race. All incidents occurred when damaged sails or rigging were being changed. Thankfully all sailors were rescued in five minutes or less. Crews attributed the swift recoveries to safety drills practiced before the race. Morning Glory Two crew were catapulted overboard early on Saturday morning when a cunningham strap snapped as Kiwi former Whitbread sailors Joey Allen and Richard Meachan were making a headsail change on the foredeck. According to fellow crewman Erik von Krause, "they both shot 15ft in the air and landed in the water." Hasso Plattner Morning Glory's German owner (who is a Bermuda resident) saw it all from the stern and immediately hit the emergency button to launch the Man Overboard Module (MOM) and the two New Zealanders caught the inflatable marker within a couple of minutes. "We had them both back on board within 5 minutes," said von Krause. But that was not an end to the problems for Morning Glory's crew. As dusk was approaching on Saturday, the main halyard snapped, and with darkness quickly descending, they had no option but to set a storm trysail and wait until daylight the following morning to climb the mast and reef through a new halyard. Even then, her crew were unable to set full sail, and sailed the rest of the race with a heavily reefed mainsail. "That lost us a lot of miles," confirmed von Krause, one of three navigators on board. "On Saturday we were leading the race