Sill intercepts

Roland Jourdain goes to the result of the stricken Bonduelle

Tuesday September 24th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: France

Following the collision of Jean le Cam's Bonduelle with an unidentified floating object on Sunday afternoon, Roland Jourdain (above) fired up his Open 60 last night and today was able to intercept his old friend from Port la Foret.

Bonduelle is at present limping back to port under much reduced sail with her mainhull completely flooded. Finding the yellow and green trimaran was problematic as there is no battery power left on board and Jean le Cam's sole means of communication is via Iridium phone with a dying battery.

This morning at 0900 Bonduelle was still 103 mile south east of the Scillies and 176 miles from Pointe de Penmarc'h. Jourdain sailed Sill to the position he expected le Cam to arrive and then waited. Fortunately at 1300 le Cam sent through another position and Jourdain immediately headed for that spot and found the trimaran sailing under a single reef and Solent. With no autopilot le Cam has been hand steering the boat since Sunday, although he stopped for five hours last night to prevent risking the boat.

Both boats are now heading slowly east, back to Brittany and would ideally like to make their homeport of Port la Foret.

Jourdain commented: "the trimaran seems in good condition despite the tons of water which have got into the central hull. It is going at 6 knots approximately. Jean must be tired".

The presence of Sill will certainly ease le Cam's piece of mind. Jourdain explained his reasoning. "Under the same conditions, Jean would have done the same for me."

Later this afternoon Jourdain and his crew hope to make it across to Bonduelle by dinghy, but this will entirely depend upon whether the sea state allows it.

The two boats are unlikely to make port until tomorrow night.

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