The world's fastest Anglo-Saxon

James Boyd spoke to Orange's Australian crewman Nick Moloney
Nick Moloney with his parents... Nick Moloney was the only non-Frenchman on board Orange for their Jules Verne Trophy record attempt and for Nick arriving, as he predicted in 64-65 days, it was a double whammy - for today was his 34th birthday too. To add to the emotion his parents had secretly flown all the way from Australia to greet their son. "Mum - all the way from Australia - I couldn't believe it when I saw her. It was incredible," commented Moloney on the dockside grinning from ear to ear, his eyes red with tears. "It's the most amazing thing ever." Moloney has already taken part in the Whitbread Round the World Race as part of Paul Standbridge's Toshiba crew and was part of the OneAustralia America's Cup team. He is well documented as claiming to have three major goals he wants to achieve in sailing. After the Whitbread, he achieved his second today. Next is the 2004/5 Vendee Globe Challenge and he is working with Mark Turner and Ellen MacArthur at Offshore Challenges to try and achieve his hat trick. "It's hard for people to realise how big a dream this has been for me," Moloney told madfor sailing. "I think this is the biggest one [of his goals]. Trying to be the fastest - I think it is the ultimate speed record, for all of us who dare to fly nowadays and just be fast in the most modern machines available and go hammer." Moloney almost achieved his 'non-stop round the world as fast as possible' goal when he set out on The Race as part of Steve Fossett's crew on PlayStation, but after they trashed a brand new set of Cuben fibre sails and then broke a daggerboard, Fossett chose to retire. "It's good to hold the top