In the wake of Ellen

Karen Hodges makes it around Land's End
Karen Hodges from Milton Keynes has set on her singlehanded voyage around the UK emulating the trip Ellen MacArthur made on Iduna. Hello, its been 3 weeks since my last confession, I mean log. My last night in Holyhead was spent in the yacht club, we had a whip round and got £121.00 raised for Cancer Research. I left Holyhead with a five day forecast of variable 2-3s so I planned an overnight stop at Porth Nethen. I gently approached the bay as the variable wind became a fresh easterly and then a very fresh northerly, before I knew it the sea was picking me up and throwing me forward as I bounded towards the moorings. The bay was very exposed in a northerly and the swell was horrendous, I don't know how I picked up the mooring but I guess when you're determined to do something you find a little more in yourself than you thought you had. The wind was howling and as I held the mooring line trying to get it around the cleat the boat would jump up and bash me, then it would disappear from under my feet before returning to bash me again. I strained against the mooring line as my 1 ton boat tried to break away for the shore, I wedged my body against the pulpit and in a trough managed to cleat the line off before a wave broke over the bow to drench me. I felt this was a stupid place to stop but I had planned a peaceful overnight stop with a slight sea and faint breeze, I couldn't believe how wrong the forecast I had was. I knew I couldn't make it round to Bardsley Sound in these conditions and as there was nowhere else to run