Hobart yacht disqualified

Following start line incidents

Monday December 30th 2002, Author: Peter Campbell, Location: Australasia
An International Yachting jury today disqualified the French/Australian entry Peugeot Racing and the Sydney yacht Loki following protest hearings into race collisions shortly before and soon after the Boxing Day start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

The hearings in Hobart this afternoon centred on collisions between Loki and the Queensland yacht Trumpcard, resulting in the retirement of Trumpcard, and between Peugeot Racing and the Tasmanian boat Valheru, which saw Valheru also forced to retire from the race.

Earlier in the day, the jury lodged its own protest against all four yachts after ruling that their protests were invalid on the grounds that they had not followed immediate protest procedures as required by the international racing rules.

Valheru and Peugeot Racing

Facts found:

1 - Between marks x and z, a collision occurred between Valheru and Peugeot Racing resulting a crew member being thrown into the water and resulting in serious damage to Valheru that caused her retirement for the race.
2 - A protest lodged by Valheru was declared invalid as Valheru did not hail ‘protest’’
3 – Peugeot Racing took a 720 degrees turns penalty in acknowledgement of the incident
4 - Peugeot Racing continued racing, finished and has not retired
5 - After the incident Peugeot Racing deployed her life sling, lowered the headsail and started the engine. No other equipment was deployed.
6 -Peugeot Racing remained in the vicinity of the person in the water until he was picked up out of the water by a Rigid Inflatable Boat that was in the area.

Conclusions and rules that apply

Rule 44.1 requires a yacht that has caused serious damage by her breach to retire

The international jury was not satisfied that Peugeot Racing gave all possible help to the person in danger immediately after the incident.

Rules Applicable: 1.1 and 44.1


Peugeot Racing is disqualified.

Trump Card and Loki

Facts Found:

1 - Within one minute prior to the start a collision occurred between Loki and Trumpcard resulting in serious damage to Trump Card and caused her retirement from the race.
2 – A protest lodged by Trumpcard was declared invalid as she did not display a red flag as required by Rule 61.1 (a).
3 – Loki did not hear two radio calls by Trump Card on VHF 72 to the Race Committee indicating firstly her return to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia to assess the damage and then advising of her retirement from the race.
4 – Loki took a 720 degrees turn penalty in acknowledgement of the incident.
5 - Loki continued racing and finished.
6 – The external visual damage sustained to Trump Card could not readily identify the seriousness of the damage
7– Loki was shown photographs showing the damage which she agreed was serious
7 – Loki was given an opportunity to retire and declined

Conclusions and Rules That Apply

Rule 44.1 requires a yacht that has caused serious damage by her breach to retire.


Loki is disqualified for note retiring as required by Rule 44.1

The International Jury comprised Ronnie McCracken (Chairman), John Kirkjian, Rob Green, Don Brooke, and Tony Mooney.

Note on Applicable Rules

1.1: Helping Those In Danger
A boat or competitor shall give all possible help to any vessel or person in danger

44.1: Taking a Penalty
A boat that may have broken a rule of part 2 (When Boats Meet) while racing may take a penalty at the time of the incident. Her penalty shall be a 720 degree turns unless the sailing instructions specify the use of the scoring penalty or some other penalty. However, if she caused serious damage or gained a significant advantage in the race or series by her breach she shall retire.

60.4: If a protest committee (International Jury) received a report of an incident that may have resulted in serious damage or serious injury, it may protest any boat involved.

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