Fastest man on the planet

James Boyd spoke to Orange skipper Bruno Peyron about his latest triumph
Bruno Peyron, ocean multihull skipper, the creator of The Race and the present generation of big multihulls, is a man who could stride mountains at the moment. Sunday saw another historic moment in his already impressive career when the 46 year old from La Baule succeeded in reducing the time it takes to circumnavigate the world by yacht from 71 days to 64 days. In the nine years since Peyron became the first man to sail around the world in less than 80 days, a feat which won him the Jules Verne Trophy. Since then Peyron says the record has changed. "Last time was like a world premier. We accomplished something which everybody said was impossible. It was a very special feeling - like The Race. This time was different. Everyone knows it is maybe possible if you do everything right, but it is still difficult. So the feeling is a bit different - a lot of happiness and some pride as well to have done the job the well and some satisfaction for me in succeeding to get back at the highest level so fast when I decided to try - in just such a short period of time, just eight months after the arrival of The Race." One of the features of his round the world trip which is known to have frustrated some of the younger speed-hungry crew on board was Peyron's conservative approach, only pushing when conditions allowed and generally tackling the record in a manner which could be best described as seamanlike first and competitive second. Peyron makes no apologies for this - after all he has raced big cats for more than two decades and has now logged around 280,000 miles on them. Indeed he claims to have only ever pulled out