Now the dust has settled

John Roberson gives the official reaction to the reaction on the new Antarctica Cup RTW race
For madforsailing's original article about the Antarctica Cup - click here. At Antarctica Cup headquarters here in Fremantle, we have been delighted and flattered by the reaction from around the world, to our announcement of our "dash for cash" through the Southern Ocean. Thanks to everyone who phoned us, e-mailed us, or joined in the bombardment of our website The people who have contacted us have been many and varied from:- The very experienced - "Sounds like fun! RKJ" Sir Robin Knox Johnston. To the current generation of 'rock stars', - "Nice program. There is great interest to participate with a Brazilian entry. Congratulations, Torben Grael." And from crew candidate Tim Smith from Australia "I'd love the opportunity to compete in this amazing race". It hasn't only been the sailors and sailing media who have grasped the possibilities of this event. The electronic media have been beating a pathto our door, recognising the potential for some intense and close racing, with plenty of opportunities for some dramatic coverage. We have been thrilled at the way the message has been carried around the world, and translated into many different languages. The diversity of countries from which we have registered hits on the website has been like a geography lesson. We can also monitor who has downloaded the notice of race from the website, and the list of big names and well known sailing teams and organisations, is very encouraging. As well as the world-wide support, the encouragement we have received at home, both here in Western Australia, and from the whole of our great country has been very pleasing. As with any new project, there are those who have studied fully what we are proposing, and have grasped the concept, while others have skimmed through it, or are trying to sound authoritative on hearsay evidence. Hence