The $6.4 million race

New round the world event with highest ever entry fee designed to put Freo back on the sailing map

Wednesday April 10th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
Map of the course

Each of the legs and gates is named.
Leg 1 - Endeavour, finish waypoint 45S 144E
Leg 2 - Cutty Sark, finish Cook Strait
Leg 3 - Fram, finish waypoint 55S 148W
Leg 4 - Spray, finish waypoint 55S 108W
Leg 5 - Gypsy Moth IV, finish waypoint 56deg 14S 67deg 15W (Cape Horn)
Leg 6 - James Caird, finish waypoint 55S 37W (South Georgia islands)
Leg 7 - Resolution, finish waypoint 54deg 26S 3deg 24E (Bouvetoya Island)
Leg 8 - Pen Duick IV, finish waypoint 46deg 52S 37deg 51E (Prince Edward and Marion Island)
Leg 9 - Vostok, finish waypoint 46S 61E (Crozet Archipelago)
Leg 10 - Sirius, finish waypoint 49deg 20S 70deg 20E (Kerguelen Islands)
Leg 11 - Investigator, Fremantle finish

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