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Photos of Spirit of Canada's rebirth in Ushuaia

Friday April 4th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
In Ushuaia, one of the world's southernmost ports, Around Alone competitor Derek Hatfield, his team from Spirit of Canada and various riggers and helpers have been busy erecting his new mast in order for the former Canadian mountie to complete the leg north to Salvador ready to start the final run home.

"It is 10:00 Thursday night here in Ushuaia," writes Hatfield. "We have just finished work and we have been working none stop for the past 28 hours. The new mast arrived a full day late from Buenos Aires due to rough roads and rain storms in the mountains. Since it's arrival at around 7pm yesterday, it has been transformed from a long single stick of red carbon into a vertical standing mast on Spirit of Canada. The boat is back at the yacht club with the mast up, furlers installed, and the radar and full instrumentation working. It is an amazing feat in logistics. We are all dead tired but satisfied with the progress.

"Tomorrow, we will finish tuning the rig and putting the new sails on the boat and hopefully go sailing in the afternoon. If all goes well, I will provision the boat with fresh food and water and head out towards Cape Horn on the weekend. The weather may be a factor for the Saturday so I cannot tell if I will be able to leave that day or not. I will update everyone tomorrow on the expected departure time."

For more information about Spirit of Canada see Derek Hatfield's website here

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