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Good value 2005-2008 Racing Rules of Sailing now available

Monday January 10th 2005, Author: Sacha Oswald, Location: United Kingdom
The 2005-2008 edition of the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing will be available to buy from 30 November 2004. This reference book shows rule changes clearly marked in the margin and comes complete with the new RYA Racing Charter, RYA Guidance on Rule 69 and RYA Prescriptions.

As the most comprehensive rule book available, the clear concise layout makes it simple to follow and being spiral bound very user friendly. Priced at £6.00 the publication can be purchased from the RYA online here or by calling 0845 345 0372.

The book contains two main sections: The first shows the rules that affect all competitors. The second provides details of rules, rules that apply to particular kinds of racing and rules that affect only a small number of competitors or officials. Also featured in the book are definitions, ISAF Regulations, RYA Prescriptions, RYA Guidance Notes, full colour Race Signals, International Code Flags and the new RYA Racing Charter.

The RYA Racing Charter is a set of guidelines designed to help make racing more fun, fair and welcoming for competitors and organisers at all levels. The Charter promotes good rule observance, encourages good sportsmanship and communication between competitors and organisers.The RYA believes that these basic principles will lead to bigger and better racing at Clubs andif competitors and race organisers understand what is expected of each other, it will promote high quality, accessible and enjoyable racing for everybody.

John Derbyshire RYA Racing Manager said, “The Charter is not just about pieces of paper - it’s about a philosophy: most of us want to race, we want to have fun. What we don’t want is someone else acting in an irresponsible manner spoiling our enjoyment and fun because of their selfish or ignorant attitudes. By applying the Charter, and if necessary, invoking Rule 69 using guidelines outlined in the rule book - a framework is available to allow clubs to provide maximum enjoyment for their racers.”

Chapters cover: fundamental rules: when boats meet: conduct of a race: other requirements when racing: protests, redress, hearings, misconduct & appeals: entry and qualification and race organisation.

Appendices include: scoring: windsurfing competition rules: match racing rules: team racing rules: radio-controlled boat racing rules: appeals procedures: identification on sails: weighing clothing & equipment: notice of race & sailing instructions: notice of race guide: sailing instructions guide: recommendations for protest committees: international juries and immediate penalties for breaking rule 42.

Complementing the publication is the ‘Handy Guide to the Racing Rules’, priced at £2.80 which provides a simplified view of the basic racing rules of sailing. Aimed at those new to racing it comes in a unique splash-proof format. For simplicity, many rules and exceptions to rules have been omitted, and sailors are strongly recommended to study the ‘RYA Racing Rules of Sailing’.

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