Death knoll for the 60ft trimaran?

More readers give their views about the demise of the ORMA circuit
Following on from our article about the decline of the 60ft trimarans we have received the following correspondence: If you would like to add to the debate - email us here . From the USA , Lars Svensson , owner of the trimaran once Mike Whipp's Paragon writes: I think the ongoing discussion about the ORMA 60 s is very interesting, particularly in the light of previous articles on thedailysail and also the above comments by Wiz Deas and Donald Lawson. If I may make some comments since I have been down the course of looking into the ORMA French circuit, Scandinavian circuit, US options and also own Larus Roc, Ex-Paragon mentioned by Wiz, an ORMA 60. (see thedailysail 13 July 2005 here). . Vincent Lauriot Prevost, whom I met at the end of the Transat and who has been very encouraging, kindly shared with me his contacts among the racers in the French ORMA circuit whom I then emailed asking for advice and if they had excess sails etc that they might be selling off to help me set up my boat. I also emailed Francis Joyon, who at one stage had owned my boat. It could be a language problem but I never received any response from any of the teams that were racing in 2004 and 2005. Perhaps they knew already then that the ORMA circuit was in trouble but there was clearly no incentive for further teams. Klabbe Nylof of the Nokia Oops circuit however was very supportive and encouraged me to bring Larus Roc over for a season of racing although she clearly was not of the current generation of boats. Nevertheless, we were able to raise sponsorship from the St Maarten government and local firms to mount a campaign in the USA by entering established races. We were unable to