Gitana goes monohull

Loick Peyron talks us through his new Open 60 and why he wants to do the Vendee Globe
You are one of the most successful offshore sailors in France with a 30 year career behind you, including two OSTAR wins in 60ft trimarans and are now running one of France's most serious stable of racing boats. You are married to a beautiful wife and have many children. With all this - what on earth would possess you to do the Vendee Globe? This is Loick Peyron's situation at the moment - running the impressive collection of Gitana race boats for Baron Benjamin Rothschild including at the present tally - one Figaro, two ORMA 60 trimarans, one maxi-cat (the former Innovations Explorer Peyron skippered in The Race in 2001) and Open 60, Gitana Eighty, named in honour of the Baron's late father who would have been 80 this year. For Loick Peyron the Vendee Globe represents unfinished business. In the first Vendee Globe in 1989/90 he finished second aboard his Lada Poch, behind Titouan Lamazon and this was including a few minutes - and one of the most impressive displays of sailing skill - where, under sail in his Open 60, he helped right Philippe Poupon's Fleury Michon ketch that had been knocked down on her side and had failed to right. In the second Vendee Globe Peyron had what appeared to be the kick-ass weapon of the race and was pre-start favourite, but sadly had to withdraw early on in the proceedings when the hull of his kick-ass weapon started delaminating. Peyron says that his participation in next year's Vendee Globe should not come as a big surprise. "During the first Vendee Globe, I thought about doing a round the world trip with crew, and that was the case a few years after with The Race. And during the Race I was thinking about being back in this