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Your views on Earls Court Boat Show and fuel cells
Earlier this week we spoke to the organisers of the return of Earls Court Boat Show this December. This seems to have struck a chord with many UK readers. David Williams offers this insightful comment: This year's Excel boat show had no buzz or soul and was easily the worst yet. The organisers clearly took no notice of the feedback the sailing community was giving them (other than to promise all the right things in the advertising and fail to deliver). The new Earls Court boat show in December is a positive development, although I'm not sure that the organisers would appreciate my rationale from believing this. Having two competing shows will initially be a commercial disaster for both and a nightmare for the industry to support. There's not enough business to support two shows in London so close together and most of us will go to one or the other. This will lead to a radical rethink by the London Boat Show which will go one of two ways: Either it will heed the wake-up call, move to a better location and look to rediscover its soul (and numbers) or it will redefine itself as the Motor-boat Show and concentrate on the 150 foot gin-palaces whose owners quite like Excel and weren't fussed about sharing with smelly yachties anyway. Under the first scenario, Earls Court will close down as the need for it will have disappeared (and January is a better time for the show) and under the second, it will thrive as the sailing boat show. I think that the second scenario's a better outcome for the sailing community, firstly as it will be better focused on our needs at a location we all quite like, and secondly it does away with my annual argument with the children as