Video: On board Speedboat

Managing the big gear on Alex Jackson's new Juan K-designed supermaxi
Thedailysail was fortunate enough to be invited on board Speedboat, Alex Jackson's new 100ft Juan Kouyoumdjian-designed supermaxi last week, just prior to the New York Yacht Club's Annual Regatta. Prior to our sailing on board the boat had been out just a handful of times and the crew were busy checking out that the systems worked and in particular how to manage the giant sails - to this end, check out the bow posse using a halyard to hoist the bagged sails out of the forehatch and the seemingly endless dropping of the big kite. As all the big sails are on furlers when maneouvring they are furled in and then unfurled on the new tack, a process that can take some time, but check out how quickly the powered primaries haul sheet when they have to. In one shot Bob Wylie successfully attempts to tail by hand, while in another the sheet is put into a selftailer and spat out into the cockpit. Due to Speedboat being a powered winch supermaxi, like others of her size such as Leopard, Alfa Romeo and Wild Oats going through maneouvres you can hear the engine revs increasing. We started the day with the ballsey call of hoisting the Code Zero and sailing upwind with it, putting impressive loads on the giant winches. Enjoy   You need Flash Player 8 or higher to view video content with the Kit Digital Flash Player. Click here to download and install it.