The rebirth of ORMA?

Swiss company set to produce a new class of 70ft trimarans

Tuesday July 21st 2009, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
An attempt is being made to revitalise the successor to the ORMA 60 class - the MOD 70 one design. The boat is intended to be an offshore one-design multihull with a circuit attracing the best sailors in the world. Further details are not going to be revealed until October 2009.

The MOD 70 project that floundered due to a lack of interest from sponsors has been taken over by a Swiss company, Multi One Design S.A, which has taken over the project's assets after consultation with members of the ORMA class. The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland with the mission to manage and promote the MOD 70’ multihull professional circuit.

The management team is composed by Marco Simeoni (President of MOD S.A.), Franck David (Executive Director) and Stève Ravussin (Technical Director).

Multi One Design say they are going to modify the concept developed by the ORMA, a boat being aimed at crewed races, and with two particular challenges: a crewed, multi-leg round the world race and a European championship comprising a mixture of offshore and inshore races.

The Multi One Design S.A company have already started the development and the construction process of the MOD 70' one design in its new version: a 70ft trimaran that is both modernity, high performance, safe and with a long lifespan. The development work is being carried out in association with Vincent Lauriot-Prévost at designers VPLP. The first MOD 70' is to be delivered in October 2010 with the delivery of five more by July 2011. The aim is to produce 12 boats that comprise the Multi One Design 70' fleet.

The calendar for the new circuit is a fully crewed round the world race over October 2013 until April 2014, with the event happening then on every three years.

A European Championship will take place every year starting in June 2012. Again these will be crewed with a mix of offshores and “city-races”. The new MOD 70’ class will also participate in a programme of transoceanic events.

The aim of the class is to be international and elite, attracting the world's very best sailors.

In its approach, Multi One Design S.A wish to create an eco-responsible initiative, a global concept promoted by the teams in the Multi One Design 70' world circuit to promote the following common values:

Economic responsibility: by rationalising the R&D costs, production, maintenance and evolution of the MOD 70 concept.

The environmental responsibility: through the use of natural resources such as 100% renewable energy, on board as well as in the stages of conception, production and promotion.

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