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Yves le Blevec's new Guillaume Verdier-designed Actual reaches its assembly phase

Wednesday June 10th 2009, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
With no ORMA 60 multihull class, so Actual, sponsor of Yves le Blevec, former Orange 2 boat captain and 2007 Mini Transat winner, has chosen to go down the 'ORMA 50' route with the construction of a new 50ft trimaran designed by Guillaume Verdier that is now into its assembly phase.

With the all-important cross beams made by Arcachon's finest, Thierry Eluère, who built Marc Guillemot's Open 60 Safran and previously Yves Parlier's race boats, and the floats coming from FR Lorient Nautisme, so Actual is currently taking shape at JPS production in Saint-Philibert, near France's original multihull mecca of La Trinite-sur-Mer.

"The beams are in place and being fixed in place," explains le Blevec. "We are expecting the floats this weekend. To facilitate the fixing of the beams, we were obliged to follow certain steps and allow access into the central hull. Now we can finish the cockpit, put in the last bulkhead and the stern."

The standing rigging is being made while the mast is being completed by Technicarbone.

The launch was scheduled for May but has been put back until the mid-summer. The delay has enabled le Blevec to check everything, at every stage of the construction.

"I've always been fascinated by technology. I get a lot of satisfaction from it and it feels quite natural for me to get involved. The success of such a project requires a mastery of all these steps. Somewhere in my head, the start gun has already gone. When I am on my boat, every detail has been thought through and has a very specific reason for being there."

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