The real deal

We speak to Mark Tyndell, CEO of Artemis Investment Managers, about why he chose sailing over golf, tennis, football and rugby
When it comes to sailing sponsorship - Artemis Investment Managers is the real deal. There is no top executive in the Edinburgh and London-based company, who is a massive fan of sailing. They simply got a consultant to look into the best sports sponsorship opportunity to suit their requirements and the result was sailing. Chief Executive of Artemis Investment Managers, Mark Tyndell explains their criteria: “For us, we are a British business, so with a lot of the traditional areas what you end up paying for is lost, because it leaks into overseas markets and 'that is the price to sponsor so and so', whether it is in golf or in tennis. That price is set by people who have a global footprint, rather than people who just have a domestic footprint. Then you could go and look at football or rugby, but then that becomes very tribal, very quickly: if you were sponsoring Manchester City then half of Manchester is not going to be well disposed towards you. So sponsorship at the more local level doesn’t work for us either. So we wanted something where we could be the solo sponsor, where we could control the branding and media side of things and then we wanted to find something where the demographics were right and this came out looking like it represented the best value for money for what we wanted to do.” The consultant they chose to investigate this back in 2006 was Rob Quick, now one half of Quick McMorran, the Beaconsfield-based brand marketing and sponsorship agency. Quick carried out a survey of many different activities ending up with a short list of three, the two others being the growing sport of triathlon (appealing for Artemis as several of their employees are triathletes) or sponsoring a venue –