The latest Lombard Mini

Following Yves le Blevec's Actual winning the last Mini Transat, so we look at HP Schipman's new boat
Currently at the sharp end of the Proto fleet in the Charente Maritime-Bahia Transat 6.50 is Henri Paul Schipman, who’s boat Maison de l’Avenir Urbatys is unique in being the only new Marc Lombard design in this race. For it was another Lombard design, Yves le Blevec’s Actual which won the race two years ago (and sadly isn’t racing this year, having been sold to a new Spanish owner). In fact Schipman, known in the fleet at ‘HP’ had perhaps no option in his choice of yacht designer as professionally he works for the Lombard office in La Rochelle! Like most of the new generation Minis, be they in the Proto or Series classes, Maison de l’Avenir Urbatys has gone the same way as the Volvo 70s, Open 60s and Class 40s in having an immensely powerful hull, complete with chines in her aft quarters. According Marc Lombard her hull shape is similar to Actual (read all about le Blevec's Mini here) only they have optimised the positioning of the centre of buoyancy to make her easier to trim. “There is a lot of sail area on the Mini it allows us to have powerful hulls, but on the other hand you also have to be fast in light air, so it is important keep a low wetted area, so that is the reason this boat is easy to put on the nose [trimmed down at the bow] and it is a very light construction.” In the proper Mini sailor-style, Schipman built his new boat himself over the course of two years. The construction is in carbon fibre with a foam core, built over a male mould, although Schipman says they were able to par even more weight out of the construction, compared to le Blevec’s boat. “The stringers, are smaller and