Midnight finisher

The Tour Voile boats arrived in Cherbourg in the early hours

Friday July 5th 2002, Author: Isabelle Musy, Location: France
Interview with Simon Sutherland skipper of Force EDC

Can you tell us a bit about your crew?

We are an international crew, we have got three guys from Australia, about five guys from England and a few from the Netherlands, we're a fairly international mix but everyone seems to speak English so its not a problem.

This is your first Tour Voile so can you tell me what are your first impressions and what do you think of the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is great there are 41 boats here everyone's working away trying to get ready for the start which is on Saturday so we really haven't had a lot of time to look around but we have just arrived in the village and things look great here, there are a lot of spectators and things are really starting to get going.

What do you think the race will hold for you ?

Well I haven't actually done the Tour Voile before but I have spoken to a lot of the guys who have and its meant to be a really tough race, racing pretty much every day for the next month ; but the crew's got a lot of experience and a lot of the guys have done a lot of miles offshore and we're looking forward to it.

How competitive do you think the other teams will be!, Do you think you will fair well ?

We hope we will do well. We really don't know what to expect, we're hoping to win the student classification, and I think we have put together a crew that is capable of doing that and if all goes well we should win.

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