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As Grundig hits light airs in Gold Coast Yacht Race

Sunday July 27th 2003, Author: Lisa Ratcliff, Location: Australasia
The race record for the Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race looks set to stand with Grundig slowing in the lighter southeasterly breezes off Cape Byron.

A very tired Sean Langman this afternoon advised an ETA across the finish line for Grundig of 5.30pm, just an hour outside the race record set five years ago by the Sydney maxi Brindabella (George Snow).

"We were looking pretty good until about two hours ago," the skipper admitted. He also reported that the boat had hit a large shark yesterday and that it took the six-person crew half an hour to it disentangle it from around the keel.

"It felt like hitting a container because of the speed we were doing at the time," said Langman today. "We had to pull all the sails down and stop the boat, then back it up by going head to wind to shake the shark off the keel."

Having six on board was "something we had to explore" said Sean but with the shark incident and the fast spinnaker run up the coast overnight, there hasn't been much time for rest on board.

At 1400hours this afternoon, the Yacht Tracker had Grundig 38 miles from the finish, which means he would need to average more than 15 miles of boat speed for the next two and a half hours to finish within record time.

Meanwhile further back, the rest of the fleet is still enjoying a 20 knot sou'wester with the Mumm 30 from Lake Macquarie Tow Truck (Anthony Paterson) reporting they were ahead of the Sydney 38s and were sailing with "everything jury rigged," according to navigator Brett Filby.

"I've told the crew to stop waking me up when something else breaks," he laughed.

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