St Kilda bound

Ed Gorman reports from on board Orange on her Round Britain record attempt

Tuesday August 13th 2002, Author: Ed Gorman, Location: United Kingdom
After a relatively sedate passage to the Isles of Scilly, we are now honking along at 25-28 knots in a fresh southwesterly and the ride on board Orange has got a lot bumpier as the boat crashes through bouncy seas.

As I write we are closing the southwest tip of Ireland fast and should round Bull Rock in the next couple of hours. From there we begin heading north towards St Kilda. We are expecting lighter winds for a while later today but then we should have plenty of pressure from the west to push us up towards the Shetlands.

As far Lakota's record is concerned, our chances of breaking it are still looking iffy at best. Our average speed to the Scilly Isles was only 11.4 knots - Lakota's average was 12.7 - but we have gained a bit since then to nearly 13 knots for the first 24 hours.

Early today we were sailing in fog in the Celtic Sea and overnight we saw plenty of shipping and almost certainly scared the living daylights out of one cruising yachtsman who found himself in a narrow lane between us and a coaster.

We've all read the e-mails from The Race about what the ride is like in these boats in a seaway. Right now we are sailing in far from extreme conditions and Orange is seriously uncomfortable.

The author (right) listens attentively to the skipper's briefing

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