Second for Bristol

As Clipper Round the World fleet reach Hong Kong

Friday March 28th 2003, Author: Loretta Spridgeon, Location: United Kingdom
Richard Butler has today skippered the Bristol yacht to a second consecutive race victory, crossing the finish line of the Sinotrans Race, the eighth stage of the Clipper 2002 Round the World Series, at 08:52 GMT (16:52 local time). Finally the crew's dream of reaching Hong Kong has become reality!

The wind arrived suddenly in the early hours of the morning. Whilst this is what the fleet had been longing for, it also brought an undue amount of excitement with the radar sets working overtime and several stories emerged of the Clippers having to change course to avoid shipping in the poor visibility.

The Bristolians maintained a 4-mile lead over their old enemy, Jersey Clipper, to take line honours across the Waglan Island finish line - after an exciting, exhausting and eventful race from Shanghai.

Flying their heavyweight spinnaker as they crossed the line, the crew of Bristol will be delighted with another podium position and no doubt relieved to finally drop sails, engine on and make their way towards the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

Never far away, their closest competition in the race, Jersey Clipper, is also steaming towards the finish approximately 5 miles astern. Having kept the Bristol team on their toes to the bitter end, this is a deserved second place.

London Clipper has slipped right back after apparently broaching and losing time whilst sorting things out. The Londoners had to run off down wind and backtrack for about an hour, causing them to drop back four places to 7th. What a bitter disappointment to Rory Gillard and his crew after holding what looked like a safe third place.

Adam Kyffin and the crew aboard Liverpool Clipper have reaped the benefits of London's misfortune and now hold third place, but they too have had their moments as the squalls came through.

Hong Kong will be thinking themselves lucky to have suddenly climbed two places back to fifth. They too owe this to London, but also to Glasgow Clipper who suffered damage during a Chinese gybe which slowed them up.

In sixth place comes New York Clipper gaining two places and having made a staggering 25 miles on the leader in the last 12 hours. London Clipper is row in seventh and 14 miles astern is Cape Town.

Simon Rowell, skipper of Jersey, reports that it has been "One hell of a night" and judging by the reports coming in, this might be a famous British understatement! For now though, the recounting of dramas can wait as the celebrations get underway for the gallant crew of Bristol Clipper!

Clipper 2002 Sinotrans Race Positions
03:00, 28 March 2003

Pos Yacht Distance to Finish
1 Bristol Finished 08:52 GMT on 28 March 2003
2 Jersey 54.78 (nautical miles)
3 Liverpool 96.56
4 Hong Kong 105.15
5 Glasgow 108.03
6 New York 108.90
7 London 116.96
8 Cape Town 130.96

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