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Christmas Day in the Southern Ocean

Tuesday December 24th 2002, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic
Hello! I’ve managed it.

In an area of calm sea, by stopping Adrien completely, I succeeded in fixing the satellite communications and can now send both photos and videos.

Today, I am going to bake the first of my five loaves of bread. I had planned one for Christmas, one for the New Year, 1 for the international date line, 1 for Cape Leuwin and 1 for Good Hope. I think I shall delay the one for the date line for the return across the equator, that gives a better spread. The problem with bread is that when it has been made, it smells so good in the boat that it is hard to resist the temptation to eat it straight away!

Apart from that, my little solitary Christmas celebration will consist of foie gras, scallop, duck à l'orange, camembert and an orange. All of that tinned of course... except for the orange! That is a fruit which really keeps well.

A little aperitif of Lunel muscat, just so my mast, built down in those parts, stands up to the end, and a little bottle of Crozes Hermitage '98, given by my footwear sponsors Elty Sermi, and I think that with this feast I shall have suitably celebrated the birth of baby Jesus.

After that I shall move on to Father Christmas' domain because I really have been spoilt! But I'll tell you about that tomorrow!


D + 51 Position at 14H: 51°48’S / 157°48’W
Wind WSW 18N. Temperature day 16° / night 7° / water 8,8°
Distance run in 24H : 187 naut miles.
Advance on Monnet 12 days and 19 hours. Distance to Ante méridien : 824 naut. miles.

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