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Into day three of Route of Discovery, east to west transatlantic attempt

Monday February 17th 2003, Author: The incredible Stuart Radnofsky, Location: Transoceanic
Date Time Distance from Start Time from Start Av speed Distance vs Avg. Record Pace Time vs Avg. Record Pace DTF Speed required
17.02.03 09:00z 1101.5nm 57 hrs 19.32 kts 232.56 nm 12.04 hrs 2925nm 14.78 kts

Having successfully passed through the Canaries this afternoon (a little faster than one C. Columbus - who actually stopped for a month in 1492 for repairs and resupply before pressing on westward), the mood was upbeat aboard the maxi-catamaran PlayStation as she continued strongly towards the Bahamas.

Skipper Steve Fossett relayed his (typically brief) comments by phone Sunday afternoon:

"We're going well. We've lost some time going south, but we are still looking good. Our focus is on making this a good record attempt, so we're not pressing for super high-mileage days. We're taking a consistent approach - and aiming not to make any mistakes.

The crew are sailing really well as a team. They've got the experience - with only three guys (Tim Zimmermann, Simon Fisher, Will Howden) not having sailed with us on previous world-records. Still on a good pace to reach San Salvador for this record."

Watch captain Dave Scully once again expanded upon Sunday's events:

"Today's highlight was sliding by the Canary Islands. The lights of Lanzarote had been visible for most of last night, and by mid-morning we were entering the passage between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Fuerteventura means 'strong wind' in Spanish, I am told, and they are not talking about digestive disturbances.

The following breeze gathered meters per second as we passed between the two islands. We had reefed down in anticipation, but found that the blast reacher was too much, and replaced it with the solent. The meter was reading in the high forties, and the implacable Pete Melvin, at the helm, spurned suggestions of further sail reduction, and pushed the knotmeter to it's highest level this trip - at about 35 kts.

The crew took adavntage of the nearby coast to whip out their cell phones and place hurried calls to wives, friends, and...bookies??

Yes, shameful to relate, Pete Hogg's unfortunate heritage compels him to put his money where his mouth is when New Zealand is competing. Your humble correspondent is now 100 Caribbean dollars richer this evening as a result of the black boat failing to win Race two... Meanwhile, as night overtakes us for the second time this trip, we are jibing on shifts in the trades, heading south and west by turns. - David"

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