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Around Alone's leg 2 finally concludes with arrival of Simone Bianchetti

Wednesday December 11th 2002, Author: Mary Ambler, Location: Transoceanic
As if the best was kept to last, the most spectacular of all the arrivals into Cape Town at the end of Leg 2 of Around Alone was Italian circumnavigator Simone Bianchetti on Open 60 Tiscali.

The early evening air threw a soft pink light on Table Mountain and reflected on the sails as Simone, standing at the bow, sailed Tiscali across the finish line in a freshening breeze at 17:58:59 GMT (15:58:59 GMT). Sixth place was not the position Simone was looking for when he set sail from Torbay 57 days ago but his first comment, on seeing all the other 11 Around Alone skippers assembled on the pontoon at the V&A applauding him, was: "well, if this is what happens when you come in last it's fantastic!" And so for 3 complete days the whole fleet is together in Cape Town, South Africa before setting off on Leg 3 to Tauranga, New Zealand at 1200hrs on 14 th December.

Provisional Results, Leg 2: Class 1
1st: Bobst Group-Armor Lux finish time 09:59:45 GMT 13 th NOV - 29 DAYS 22HRS 59 M 45S
2nd: Solidaires finish time 19:42:55 GMT 13 th NOV - 30 DAYS 8 HRS 42 M 55S
3rd: Pindar finish time 03:27:13 GMT 14 th NOV 02 - 30 DAYS 16HRS 27 M 15S
4th: Hexagon finish time 02:54:12 GMT 15 th NOV 02 - 31 DAYS 15HRS 54 M 12S
5 th: Ocean Planet finish time 03:15:16 GMT 28 th NOV 02 – 44 DAYS 16HRS 15 M 16S on the water. NB: NOT including the provisional 48 hour time penalty for stopping in Spain.
6 th: Tiscali finish time 15:58:59 GMT 10 th DEC 02 – 57 DAYS 4 HRS 58M 59S on the water. NC: NOT including the two provisional 48hr time penalties for stopping twice.

Provisional Results, Leg 2: Class 2
*1 st: Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America finish time 13:48:13 GMT 27 th NOV 02 - 44 DAYS, 2 HRS, 48M, 13S on the water.
*2 nd: Everest Horizontal finish time 15:37:35 GMT 1 st DEC 02 – 48 DAYS, 3 HRS, 37M, 35S on the water
*3 rd : Spirit of Canada finish time 02:25:40 GMT 2 nd DEC 02– 49 DAYS, 15 HRS, 25M 40S on the water
*4 th : Spirit of yukoh finish time 20:05:51 GMT 3 rd DEC 02 – 50 DAYS, 9HRS, 5M, 51S on the water
*5 th: BTC Velocity finish time 10:59:24 GMT 8 th DEC 02 – 54 DAYS, 23HRS, 59M, 24S
*6 th: Bayer Ascensia finish time 11:22:36 GMT 8 th DEC – 55 DAYS, 0HRS, 22M, 36S
*NB: NOT including the provisional 48 hour time penalty for stopping in Spain.

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