Kingfisher2 departure update

Chances of leaving still 50-50

Saturday January 25th 2003, Author: Offshore Challenges, Location: France
The option for Kingfisher2 to depart Lorient on Monday is still there - the
probability is still at 50%. This leaves Ellen and the crew (plus everyone
else) hanging in the balance for a while longer. "The small weather window is still there," said MacArthur. "So whilst there is a chance, Kingfisher2 is preparing to leave Lorient Monday."

The 14 crew of Kingfisher 2 are on their way back to Lorient and will all be back at the preparation base by the Sunday evening.

Looking at the weather charts which show the Azores high parked to the west of France for most of the week, we won't be holding our breath...

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