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Latest position for the Polish team on board Bank BPH in their fully crew non-stop monohull round the world bid

Tuesday March 2nd 2004, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic

Position at 0800GMT: 00.53.475 S 025.32.044 W
COG/SOG: 205deg/8 knots
TWD/S 170-180 deg/9 knots gusting to 11
Pressure: 1020mb
24 hour run: 193NM
Distance from start: 3201 NM
Wave height: <1 meters

Robert Janecki writes...

Oof! One of the most difficult sections of the course is now behind us.

Finnally it may turn out to be the case that the weak winds at the Finnish will decide the race. Anyone who wants to sail can do so quickly in heavy winds, but greater skill and Finnesse is required to sail quickly and in the right direction in light winds. The Finnish may be such that, regardless of our progress in the Southern Ocean and regardless of the Finnances behind the boat, everything could be decided by weak winds on the Atlantic. That's what happened to Geronimo last year. While passing Cabo Finnisterre point in Spain on the first day, I wondered what the greatest threats would be on our course and thought it would be weak winds.

My good friend Piotrek said that they even raised a glass of Finnlandia in our name and toasted to us wishing that all troubles and problems would bypass us on this voyage.

We are glad that the foreign press is writing about our project with great esteem. We are also getting many emails from Poland expressing support, congratulations and best wished for a good Finnish. We just got one from from the competitors in the 470 Class and we would like to express to them our thinks.

Best wishes to you all from the Southern Hemisphere.

We have a little contest to Finnish with! A question: In which Olympic class is the total sail area is less than that of our gennaker? A hint: the name begins with the letter 'F.'

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