VDH heads for New Zealand

Change of plan for the dismasted Frenchman

Monday January 13th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

After having been in touch with several of my Australian colleagues and contacting Bernard Stamm who is on an Around Alone stopover, I have finally decided to try to go to New Zealand. After 24 hours on 'stand by' I set off again to the east. In the first place relative to the prevailing winds, it is easier. Then once there I have three alternatives: having Adrien repatriated by merchant vessel if it is not too expensive, having a carbon mast made there by Southern Spars, or installing an old mast which is at present on Simone Bianchetti's boat. She is taking part in Around Alone and is changing her mast in New Zealand.

The mast in question belongs to Bernard Stamm. He very kindly lent it to Simone and equally kindly will lend it to me. In either of the latter two cases, I will then bring Adrien back by sea, via Cape Horn - very carefully, if I’m using Bernard's mast since Adrien is, of course, bigger, heavier, stiffer and more ballasted than a 60 footer.

For the moment the objective is to reach Wellington by passing to the west or east of New Zealand.

Until tomorrow

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