Brazilian Irens cat arrives

Second boat home in SAP Cape-Rio race

Monday January 27th 2003, Author: Ronelda Visser, Location: Transoceanic
The Brazilian Nigel Irens-designed catamaran Adrenalina Pura, skippered by Georg Ehrensperger, finished the gruelling SAP Cape to Rio 2003 late Sunday evening.

Shortly after they came off the water, Ehrensperger commented on his yacht’s performance in the race. “I think it was a nice race, but unfortunately rather calm. I expected more wind during the first days and definitely not to have the gate closed on our entrance into Rio,” said Ehrensperger, who had a frustrating day before crossing the finish line. It took them almost twenty-four hours to complete the last 90 miles of the 3,400 mile ocean crossing.

Ehrensperger and his crew on board the sleek catamaran gave spectators a nerve-wracking finish, when he looked to be on a collision course with a huge oil tanker. “Just as we were approaching the finish line, I saw a big oil tanker. I tried calling them on the radio, but could not get any response. Obviously I would have started the engines to avoid them if I thought it would be a problem, but I knew we’d be okay,” said a calm

The next excitement in Rio de Janeiro is bound to be the arrival of the first monohull, the German 81-foot maxi Morning Glory. Skipper Hasso Plattner reported this morning at 10h00 GMT that they are still 101 miles from Rio. Judging from the slow finishes of the prior two yachts, it is unlikely that Morning Glory will manage a flying finish.

Gauteng entries Baleka and Investec continue to lead the handicap race with Suidoos 2 still in third position. Young Brandon Smith celebrated his 20th birthday on board - his second birthday during a Cape to Rio race. Madiba Racing Team is currently fourth on handicap with Bernard Diebold and his crew of pupils from Reddam House, Tokai holds onto their fifth position on handicap.

It seems as if sporadic squalls are making life difficult for many of the yachts still to pass Ilha de Trinidade. Approximately Iain Hudson on board Diel reported an eventful twenty-four hours. “Pre-dawn on Saturday, we were hit by a squall after successfully dodging them for the preceding three to four hours. As we attempted to drop our 330 square metre spinnaker, it filled suddenly and nearly took three crew members with it. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident, but it was a reminder that one needs to be
vigilant at all times. Early this morning, we were hit by another squall, which was accompanied by a deluge - a pity that this all happens at night.

All are still in good spirits on board and are looking forward to, hopefully, seeing Ilha de Trinidade sometime during Monday evening.

Positions on handicap, skipper, latitude, longitude, distance from Cape
Town, distance to Rio, miles covered, average speed


1. BALEKA,Alex Schon/Wolf Seitz,20.9.0S,26.12.0W,2502,964,169.3,7.05
2. INVESTEC,J McGraw/S Cumming,19.29.0S,25.31.0W,2488,1008,163.9,6.03
3. SUIDOOS 2,Gawie Fagan,21.24.0S,35.10.0W,2981,455,144.7,6.03
4. MADIBA RACING TEAM,20.6.0S,26.24.0W,2614,953,171.3,7.14
5. DIEL,Bernhard Diebold,19.22.0S,27.32.0W,2690,906,180.1,7.50
6. AUTO ATLANTIC T/Child, Goldswain,20.20.0S,29.16.0W,2648,792,187.7,7.02
7. DALYS INSURANCE,Mike Daly,20.24.0S,26.58.0W,2630,809,163.3,7.01
8. HELSAL II,Bill Rawson,20.22.0S,29.39.0W,2666,770,192.2,8.10
9. BARRACUDA,Nicolai Amundsen,20.40.0S,18.29.0W,2104,1398,52.7,2.20
10. JULIE III,Robin Green,20.26.0S,29.35.0W,2662,773,139.7,5.82
11. MORNING GLORY,Hasso Plattner,22.46.0S,41.22.0W,3334,101,173.1,7.21
12. KONICA/MALLINICKS INDABA,Levin,20.19S,31.6.0W,2748,692,127.1,5.30
13. VCR 90.6 FM,G Boshoff / H
14. MADAME PAZZAZZ,M Skeen/G Hewitt,20.27.0S,16.28.0W,2017,1510,72.2,3.01
15. FASCINATION OF POWER,J Martin,20.32.0S,19.40.0W,2170,1330,86.3,3.00
16. 34 SOUTH @ KNYSNA,Theo Beens,21.30.0S,15.36.0W,1943,1559,178.3,7.43
17. BIG REEF,Brian Sutherland,21.30.0S,14.25.0W,1886,1625,153.1,6.38
18. MAIDEN,Terry Nielsen,20.12.0S,19.46.0W,2184,1328,77.9,3.25
19. SAFARI - CTW,David Tideswell,21.26.0S,27.13.0W,2615,920,159.0,6.63
20. FTI FLYER,Keith Mattison,19.51.0S,26.28.0W,2474,1007,144.0,6.00
21. INSPIA!2041,Derek Shuttleworth,20.16.0S,16.43.0W,2034,1496,86.8,3.62
22. SCORPIO,H Oliphant/J Dickson,21.9.0S,15.43.0W,1959,1552,165.6,6.90
23. LOVE LIFE,Marion Cole,19.38.0S,13.56.0W,1822,1656,122.9,5.12

1. NICATOR,Klas Nylof - RIO

1. AQUILA,Jon Thurlow,19.49.0S,26.44.0W,2538,937,145.9,8.08
2. ACALANTIS,M Tattavitto,21.10.0S,26.46.0W,2500,938,143.8,5.99
3. INYONI,HI Ferreira,20.17.0S,20.31.0W,2219,1283,71.6,2.98
4. ALBACORE,Grant Saunders,20.18.0S,22.35.0W,2319,1166,109.1,4.55
5. CUMIN THRU,Alexander Smith,20.52.0S,16.9.0W,1988,1527,182.1,6.75
6. NAUTY 40S,Falk Graser,20.27.0S,17.55.0W,2087,1428,52.7,2.20

FORSDICKS BMW,Avelino/Dopke,20.35.0S,15.46.0W,1979,1549,124.8,5.20

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