Thin boys from Bermuda

Finishing fourth is a reality check for Kevin Shoebridge's Team Tyco reports Ed Gorman
Fourth into Cape Town is a tricky one. Four years ago Lawrie Smith brought Silk Cut into the Tavern of the Seas in fourth and looked a little uncomfortable about it. "You can win this race with fourths," he said at his post arrival press conference. But for Silk Cut fourth was to prove one place better than its overall ranking by the end of the race eight months later. This weekend Kevin Shoebridge said very similar things. You sensed that he would so much rather have been in the top-three. Without being a bad result, fourth is the next best thing to it. "There's nothing wrong with fourth," he said. "As far as we are concerned a top-three result is fantastic. You know fourth's fine basically and I think we've said before the start - if we could stay in the top-four for the whole race and get a couple of wins, you probably win the event." "We are a little bit disappointed because we're not in the top-three," he added, "because we felt like we probably could have been but, at the same time, it's one-ninth of the points and we've come out of it thinking more than ever that we've got the team, got the people on board and we've got the boat that has the ability to get us in the top-three." He made a good case for his optimism. The basic thesis is that Tyco was on the pace, going well and was capable of winning the leg until the dreaded Trindade effect scuppered her chances. Faced with a navigator's nightmare and no clear way to go, they did the sensible thing and were just not as fortunate as some others, especially Grant Dalton's Amer Sports One which came up from behind when there was very