Karen Hodges diary

The girl from Milton Keynes contines her loop of the British isles in the wake of Ellen
Peterhead-Argyll. From Peterhead to Banff was uneventful fast sailing. I had a nice stay in Banff, invited into a couple's home for a shower, food and chat. Thank you Andy and Jenny for your generosity and homemade cakes. I left Banff with very little wind and felt that I would just try to make Lossimouth and then plan my passage to the canal from there. 10 miles in and the wind backs so that it's hard on the nose. I battle on somewhat disgruntled but still making way. There is a huge black cloud ahead and it's raining hard, just then dead ahead a bolt of lightning hits the water. You have never seen anyone turn so yellow belly so quickly! I managed to turn the boat round on her nose, I'm not sure whether I tacked or gybed all I new was that I was running into whitehills fast as I could. The lightning and thunder were on top of each other as I was blown into the marina. The HM met me which is always nice saying 'I bet you're glad you're in!' YEP. Happily tied up next to much bigger metal poles I grabbed the camera to take a picture of the monster clear blue sky and calm sea. What's that about? Luckily I have witnesses so I now I didn't imagine it. Next morning, about 0800 - not too early I head out in to the same mirror calm sea. Motoring is slow work so I planned to see how I felt at Buckie. At Buckie a fair wind started to show so I decided to sit out there until it changed - 'won't be long' I thought! Passed Lossiemouth so I put the anchor down for 2 hours outside Nairn to check my nav into the canal and