Ending on a high

Amer Sports Too crewman Emma Westmacott reflects on their campaign and its happy conclusion in Kiel
Well we could not have asked for a better way to finish this nine month marathon race around the globe. And how much nicer it was to end on a high note, and feel like we really did achieve something in the end and to show ourselves that we are capable of so much more than any of the other leg results showed. There is always going to be so much speculation with female teams - are we capable of being highly competitive or are we just token chicks? Sometimes I think to a lot of people we are the latter for good media coverage etc, but what most people do not see is the absolute competitiveness and determination of the girls that we had. The desire to succeed - that out-wayed any other reason for participating, and we felt frustration and distress at not achieving what we had set out to do. Podium finishes that is what the guys dream of and that is what we dream of as well. We are not content with last. In this instant a year ago we were all sitting on the couch preparing to watch seven boats go around the world on a race we all wanted to be a part of. When each of us was asked to do this race we all took a while to say 'yes', stunned at the task that lay ahead. We fully knew that the boys were going to be late and pushing it, so how on earth were we going to manage? If we were short of time or one boat was to get priority it would be them. It is hard to go into something knowing these things, but what were the options? Give the opportunity to someone else and watch from the side