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Dana Paxton brings us up to date with this year's uber-transat PLUS final entry list

Thursday April 17th 2003, Author: Dana Paxton, Location: Transoceanic
The 86-foot Zephyrus V, owned by Californian Bob McNeil is the latest entry in the DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge, a 3,600-mile offshore sailing race from Newport to Cuxhaven, GER, and then on to Hamburg.

As of the April 1 entry deadline, 62 boats had officially entered in what promises to be the largest transatlantic race for fully crewed, monohulled yachts. The majority of the
fleet will start on June 14, while the faster, larger yachts will start one week later on June 21.

McNeil, of San Francisco, has been sailing for 55 years, with many years of ocean racing under his belt including a win in the 2002 West Marine Pacific Cup, an offshore classic. McNeil also won the 2000 Cape to Rio Race, setting a new record aboard his previous Zephyrus IV. Accomplished sailor and America’s Cup veteran John Bertrand of Annapolis Md. is the team’s tactician and project director.

New York Yacht Club Commodore Lawrence Huntington will race Snow Lion, his 50-foot Nelson/Marek. This will be his fifth crossing of the Atlantic; four of which have been racing passages. Also competing is Huntington “Skip” Sheldon aboard his Reichel/Pugh 65 Zaraffa. He, too, also has extensive offshore experience.

Other bluewater veterans planning to compete include Arthur “Bugs” Baer who will helm Tempest, a 79-foot Sparkman & Stephens designed ketch. Fritz Huebner will helm his Little Harbor 58 Sea Rose and Canadian Frederick Voegeli will sail aboard his Mason 44 Frisco.

Also competing is the1993/94Whitbread Round the World Race champion yacht Tokio, chartered by a team from Hamburg, and the 79-foot maxi Morning Glory, chartered by two German banks - Hamburgische Landesbank and Landesbank Schleswig-Holstein. Morning Glory is well-known as the record-breaking champion from the 1996 editions of the Cape to Rio and Sydney to Hobart races.

After reviewing each entrant’s handicap certificates later this month, the race committee will determine the two divisions for the split start. The organisers may accept late entries with special permission from the race committee.

About the DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge 2003 The DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge 2003 is an offshore sailing race to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Hamburgischer Verein Seefahrt, a long-standing sailing club based in Hamburg. Over 60 of the world's most exotic racing yachts are expected to compete in this once-in-a-lifetime test of endurance and skill. The race will start on June 14 and 21, 2003 from Newport, R.I., USA and travel 3,500 nautical miles across the North Atlantic Ocean, north of the British Isles to Cuxhaven, GER, and on to Hamburg on the river Elbe. The event organiser will host a maritime festival from July 4-12 in Hamburg with daily social activities to coincide with the finish of the race. The race is organised by the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein, Hamburg with the support of the New York Yacht Club.

DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge
Preliminary Entry List as of April 1, 2003

No., YACHT NAME, Yacht Type, LOA, Owner, Flag

1. ALBATROS, Sloop, 19.120 m (62.73 ft), Partnership Albatros, GER
2. ANNE BONNY, Luffe 43, 13.106 m (43.00 ft), Hans-Jürgen Färber, GER
3. ANNY, Baltic 87, 26.500 m (86.94 ft), Gustav Edelhoff, GER
4. AQUIS GRANUS III, Sloop, 13.106 m (43.00 ft), Akademischer Segler Verein,
5. ARCADIA, Sloop, 13.000 m (42.65 ft), Arnulf Doerner, GER
6. ASTA, Ketch, 16.154 m (53.00 ft), German Navy, GER
7. BANK VON BREMEN, Judel/Vrolik 51, 15.514 m (50.90 ft), Segelkamaradschaft
Das Wappen von Bremen, GER
8. BLUE OCEAN – GLASWALD, Oceanis 461, 13.760 m (45.14 ft), Schotbruche.V.,
9. BRIGANTIA, Hallberg Rassy 49, 14.966 m (49.10 ft), GfS Gemeinschaft für
Seefahrt e.V. Lindau Fachabteilung für Hochseesegeln im Bodensee- Segler-
Verband, GER
10. BRINKMANN & PARTNER, Swan, 14.830 m (48.65 ft), Brinkmann & Partner, SWE
11. CHARISMA, Swan 441, 13.442 m (44.10 ft), Constantin Claviez, ANT,
12. CHERI HAKKATAN, Sloop, 15.545 m (51.00 ft), Ronald Wulff, GER
13. D`ACCORD, Sun Kiss 45, 13.716 m (45.00 ft), Rolf Erben, GER,
14. DISCOVERER, Ketch, 20.420 m (66.99 ft), Joint Service Adventure Sail
Training Centre, GBR
15. ELAN, Swan 48, 14.610 m (47.93 ft), Harald Baum, GER
16. FRISCO, Mason 44, 13.411 m (44.00 ft), Frederick Voegeli, Nova Scotia,
17. GROßE FREIHEIT NR.7, C&C, 15.540 m (50.98 ft), Claus and Dirk Becker,
18. GUNDEL G., Swan 46 MKI, 14.400 m (47.24 ft), Jens-Ulrich Kiessling, GER
19. HANSA, X-612, 18.593 m (61.00 ft), Hanseatische Yachtschule, GER
20. HASPA HAMBURG, X-482 D/D, 14.470 m (47.47 ft), Hamburgischer Verein
Seefahrt e.V., GER
21. HAZE, Luffe 48, 14.670 m (48.13 ft), Jochen Winter, GER
22. HEAVEN CAN WAIT, Sloop, 22.000 m (72.18 ft), Thormod Ohm, GER
23. HEBE III, Ketch, 12.192 m (40.00 ft), Jaroslav Havelka, CHK
24. HOBBY, Sloop, 15.490 m (50.82 ft), Joh.-St. Reith, GER
25. ISKAREEN, Swan 391, 12.201 m (40.03 ft), Reemt Bruhns, GER
26. ISOLA BELLA, Nissen 52, 16.000 m (52.49 ft), Hans Schulz, GER
27. JOLLY CELESTE, Schooner, 21.000 m (68.90 ft), Thede Dörscher, GER
28. JULIE MARIE, Solaris 70, 21.490 m (70.50 ft), Bernd Kortüm, GER
29. KING'S LEGEND, Swan 65, 19.680 m (64.57 ft), Gijs van Liebergen, NED
30. LEON DE MAR, Sonate Ovni 43, 13.400 m (43.96 ft), Jürgen Brenner, GER
31. MAMELIE, Luetje 48, 14.630 m (48.00 ft), Jakob-Hinrich Leverkus, GER
32. MELTEMI, Comfortina 42DK, 12.800 m (41.99 ft), Harald Graf von
Saurma-Jeltsch, GER
33. MISTRAL, Schooner, 20.000 m (65.62 ft), Dietrich Kruegel, GER
4. MONSUN, Ketch, 14.326 m (47.00 ft), Flügge, GER
35. MORNING GLORY (TBR*), Sloop, 24.250 m (79.56 ft), Charterer:
Hamburgische Landesbank and Landesbank Schleswig, GER
36. NANI, Little Harbor 53, 16.154 m (53.00 ft), Jochen Claussen, GER
37. NORDDEUTSCHE VERMÖGEN HAMBURG, Sloop, 16.740 m (54.92 ft), Hamburgischer
Verein Seefahrte.V., GER
38. PAULA, X-482, 14.630 m (48.00 ft), Rolf Stender, GER
39. PETER VON DANZIG, Sloop, 16.764 m (55.00 ft), Akademischer Seglerverein,
40. PETER VON SEESTERMÜHE, Yawl, 17.980 m (58.99 ft), Christoph von
Reibnitz, GER
41. POLARIS, Sloop, 12.430 m (40.78 ft), Jochen Burckschat, GER
42. RAROTONGA, Swan 46, 14.400 m (47.24 ft), Werner Lemmel, GER
43. SALUTE, Sloop, 12.192 m (40.00 ft), Sönke Forsthöfel, GER
44. SAUDADE, Judel/Vrolijk, 34.250 m (112.37 ft), Albert Büll, GER
45. SEA ROSE, Little Harbor 58, 17.880 m (58.66 ft), Fritz Huebner, Holland,
Mich., USA
46. SNOW LION, Nelson/Marek 50, 15.149 m (49.70 ft), Lawrence Huntington,
New York, N.Y., USA
47. SYLVIA, Ketch, 43.586 m (143.00 ft), Jens Ehrhardt, GBR
48. TANASSA, Baltic 64 CB, 19.492 m (63.95 ft), Jan J. A. Pickenpack, GER
49. TEMPEST, Ketch, 24.230 m (79.49 ft), William A. Dunn, F. Karl van
Devender, Arthur Bugs Baer, Madison, Conn., USA
50. TOKIO (TBR*), Ketch, 18.288 m (60.00 ft), Hartmut Schaedlich, GER
51. TOM´s KAHN, Hanse 411, 12.350 m (40.52 ft), Thomas Ebert, GER
52. TORTUGA, Swan 47 CB, 14.569 m (47.80 ft), Guenter Sell, GER
53. UCA, Judel/Vrolijk, 25.969 m (85.20 ft), Klaus Murmann, GER
54. VARUNA, , IMX 45, 13.750 m (45.11 ft), Jens Kellinghusen, GER
55. VITA BELLA, Sloop, 24.950 m (81.86 ft), Bernd and Klaus-Dieter Peterson,
56. WALROSS III, Swan 55, 16.090 m (52.79 ft), Akademischer Segler-Verein
e.V, GER
57. WINDROSE OF AMSTERDAM, Schooner, 46.300 m (151.90 ft), Chris Gongriep,
58. WORLD OF TUI HAMBURG, Sloop, 18.654 m (61.20 ft), Deutscher Hochseesport
Verband Hansa, chartered by Hamburgischer Verein Seefahrt, GER
59. ZARAFFA, Reichel/Pugh, 20.280 m (66.53 ft), Huntington Sheldon,
Shelburne, Vt., USA
60. ZEPHYRUS V, Sloop, 26.502 m (86.95 ft), Robert McNeil, Menlo Park,
Calif., USA
61. ZUKUNFT IV, Baltic 52, 16.080 m (52.76 ft), Kieler Yacht-Club, GER
62. ZWERVER, Sloop, 17.210 m (56.46 ft), Frans T. van Schaik, NED

*TBR=to be re-named

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