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Friday November 8th 2002, Author: James Boyd/Mary Ambler, Location: Transoceanic
Graham Dalton reports from on board Hexagon

I can feel the sun getting hotter and hotter as I head south. This is a great way to speed up a cold, dreary winter. It is actually possible to feel a difference in the sun between the northern and southern hemisphere - you can really feel the rays burning through the atmosphere and onto your skin.

The wind is reasonably light and we’re doing about 9.5 to 10 knots and slowly ticking off the miles to Cape Town. These conditions should continue through the weekend, perhaps with some light periods in between. If you like sailing, we have perfect sailing conditions today – a nice breeze, a hot sparkling blue sea; it is so warm we even have a dry deck at the moment!

Coupled with all the rough times we have out here, it is good to get days like these to recharge your batteries, and get to all those small but very important jobs on board. Though there is still a long way to go in this race, I am already making a job list of things I need done for the next leg. We need to be well prepared, and my shore team are organising for Hexagon to be taken out of the water, and for her mast to be removed, in Cape Town so we can ensure she is in top form for the next leg.

Looking forward to Saturday, when we should pick up a new, stronger breeze and then we’ll really see some rocking and rolling. It will be the homestretch for Cape Town.

Fair winds,

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