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A further band of light airs is slowing the Volvo fleet

Tuesday May 7th 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
Position report at 04.00 7th May 2002
Latitude Longitude DTF SMG TFHR DTL DTL-C Pts
1 illbruck 47 36.32N 017 26.28W 669 7.9 204 0 0 49
2 Assa Abloy 47 23.28N 018 15.48W 702 8.7 205 33 -1 41
3 Tyco 47 40.68N 018 17.96W 704 7.9 197 35 0 33
4 SEB 45 43.84N 018 37.60W 724 8.5 220 55 -3 26
5 News Corp 47 39.04N 018 56.08W 729 9.6 197 60 -10 35
6 Amer One 47 32.08N 018 56.72W 730 9.3 207 61 -9 35
7 djuice 47 11.60N 019 59.84W 773 11.3 174 104 -23 23
8 Amer Too 44 38.96N 063 34.24W Rtd 10

After passing through the ridge of high pressure and picking up speed again, the leaders have hit another light patch. The biggest net gainer has been djuice who by dint of sailing in considerably more wind at the back of the fleet has closed to within 43 miles of Amer Sport One.

Amer Sports One in turn has been the biggest looser, dropping from fifth to sixth. "What a contrast," says Amer One's navigator, Roger Nilson. "The last two days we have been sailing like madman, hanging on to our lives with the biggest possible kite up. Right now we are fighting for every inch in hardly any breeze."

SEB on the other had have been reaping the rewards of their foray south and has moved up to fourth. "A few hours ago we went through a small trough with a wind shift to the right of about 90 degrees," reported skipper, Gurra Krantz. "Two hours later, after sail changes, tacks and endless work of shifting sails we were all, at that stage in the pouring rain, convinced of that there must be another sport we can do."

With the wind forecast to remain north or northeasterly all the way in to the finish, she will however be sailing a tighter angle on the run in. Not so fast perhaps.

Unsurprisingly , the final run in is exercising the minds of virtually everyone in the fleet. "With less than 1000 miles to run things are tensing up a little," says Jason Carrington from Assa Abloy. "Tyco our tuning partner is just ahead of us, she has shown great pace over the last couple of days, but still we seem to be glued to each other, I often get the feeling Assa Abloy and Tyco are in love with each other, they certainly seem to like each others company! illbruck is in striking distance and the other guys are just behind, so at this stage it's anyone's race."

News Corp skipper, Jez Fanstone looks relaxed

Lunchtime at 'Hotel Tyco'. Looks nice.....

Page two.... an e-mail from Roger Nilson aboard Amer Sports One

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