Mark Turner interview - part 2

Photo: Ben Radford
The OC ThirdPole boss discusses the rest of their accounts and talks of the latest trends in sponsorship
This article follows on from part one   Commercial teams versus owner-funded While Turner views the crowd-pleasing spectacle of the Extreme Sailing Series (and the 34th America’s Cup) as the future for commercially-funded sailing, he is keen to point that this in no way affects private owner-funded racing. This represents an entirely different model. “I think the sport has got potential to make a big leap on in the next few years. More and more professional sailors get the fact that if you are in the commercial part we have to keep on changing and evolving and doing things differently, while if you are in the private owner part, do whatever your private owner wants to do. If sponsors are involved in events then it is a case of living or dying by whether your sponsor gets a return or not. They are so different and the only links between them is event management and professional sailors. If you are a professional sailor you have to choose which you want to do and adapt to that mode.” AOB Following from their years with Ellen MacArthur and more recently with Seb Josse and the BT Vendee Globe campaign, missing from OC’s portfolio at present is a major offshore campaign. They made a strong bid for the Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Race campaign, but ultimately this didn’t come to pass. “We really wanted to be in this Volvo Ocean Race and we had a couple of shots at that,” says Turner. "Strategically as a business as OC Thirdpole, we want to have a high profile big boat campaign to be out there with a chance of winning on the water. We don’t have that right now, but it is an objective to have that. It’s not out of the question that we end up in this Volvo with a