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Banque Populaire strikes unidentified floating object

Daggerboard crash box damaged in 37 knot collision

Thursday February 3rd 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

At 0100 GMT last night, while sailing at 37 knots in the Southern Ocean, Banque Populaire ran into an 'unidentified floating object'.

Crewman Brian Thompson reports: "When the collision happened the boat did not stop. The crew made the decision to stop the boat, furl the sails and try to inspect the damage."

This afternoon the team attempted to sail the boat on one hull to further investigate the problem beneath the centre hull.

Thompson continues: "It has since become clear that the crashbox of the daggerboard has been damaged and 40cm of the daggerboard is missing. The crew slowed the boat down to 25 knots, and will wait until the conditions improve before they attempt a repair."

According to Pascal Bidegorry they have since backed off a little and stabilitised their speed and will assess the problem further at day break tomorrow. "In the meantime we'll continue our course to the south east".


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