The return of Conrad Humphreys

Photo: Nigel Millard
British skipper returns with five year campaign starting with the Figaro
Since he finished seventh in the 2004-5 Vendee Globe, followed by a season continuing his sponsorship with Motorola in the inaugural Volvo Extreme 40 Series, so Conrad Humphreys has more or less disappeared off the sailing radar...until now. “With the Extreme 40, effectively we got priced out with the budgets in 2007 and with the handover to what became the iShares Cup, we had to get out of the game at that point,” says the Plymouth-based skipper, who prior to the Vendee Globe, cut his teeth as the youngest competitor in the 1993-4 Whitbread and went on to win the BT Global Challenge as skipper of LG Flatron. The Motorola Extreme 40 ended up sold to TeamOrigin. Since then Humphreys has not been sitting on the couch watching daytime TV. After he competed in the Transat in 2004, in 2006-7 he wrote the Plymouth city bid for what would become the 2008 Artemis Transat. “I secured the best part of £750,000 to underwrite the bid and orchestrate the whole event and move the event into Sutton Harbour. I got told repeatedly it couldn’t be done [the move], but it could and it was quite stressful because Sutton Harbour is locked and we had to hold a certain depth of water to be able to keep the Open 60s in there, despite a leaking lock gate and a falling tide on the Sunday [of the start]. We had to get the 40s out as well as the 60s with the gates open and the water running out!” Humphreys’ involvement in the Artemis Transat has directed what he has gone on to do since. The bid for the Artemis Transat focussed on the ‘city-side activity’ including the cultural and education program, and with this under his belt he has moved into events. But most