Girl power

Hannah Jenner tells us about her campaign with Anna-Maria Renken for the Global Ocean Race
Britain’s Hannah Jenner and German Anna-Maria Renken took a step further towards their goal of becoming the sole female Global Ocean Race crew last week when they announced they had secured use of Peter Harding’s Owen Clarke-designed 40 Degrees for this September’s doublehanded lap of the planet. Previously Jenner and Renken had both been planning their own campaigns, but joined forces in October last year, officially entering the Global Ocean Race shortly before Christmas. “When we got together in December we said that we wanted to be sailing in March, so it is cool that we are here in March,” Jenner told thedailysail from Pointe à Pitre, where she and Renken have had the boat handed over to them by New Zealander Conrad Colman, who raced her in the Route du Rhum. Coleman had hoped to sail 40 Degrees in the Global Ocean Race himself. “Conrad has been brilliant with us to be fair, because it can’t have been an easy situation,” admits Jenner. “We went out with him for about four hours today, put in a few tacks, played with the ballast system and went through the big long list of questions that we had. It was really good. The wind was pretty light, but it was enough to get to grips with a few things and feel confident enough that we can set off across the Atlantic and get there in one piece.” Being of Clipper Round the World Race origin, Jenner, now 30 (seven months older than her co-skipper) says that she had originally wanted to compete in the Velux 5 Oceans, but she had been unable to secure the funding to run a 60 footer. As a result she went back to the drawing board and looked at the more affordable Class 40s, contemplating the Global Ocean Race.  “My plans changed,