Jean-Pierre Dick and Loick Peyron Q&A

Nico Martinez / Barcelona World Race
We chew the cud with the Barcelona World Race winners
Jean-Pierre Dick and Loick Peyron have landed on terra firma in Spain, winners of the Barcelona World Race aboard their VPLP-Verdier designed, Cookson-built steed, Virbac Paprec 3. Read more about the boat herself here.Their victory, Dick's second in this race, was significant as their boat was the only new generation IMOCA 60 to survive the non-stop round the world race. Dick, while 'only' having sailed in the class for a decade since he entered the 2002 Vendee Globe on his first Paprec-Virbac, is today one of the most experienced skippers in the class, while Loick Peyron has one of the longest sailing CVs in France including the first Vendee Globe, when he finished second, a lengthy tenure at the top of the ORMA 60 class when he won two OSTARs/Transats, a return to the IMOCA 60 class when he won the Artemis Transat on Gitana Eighty and a stint as back-up helmsman for Ernesto Bertarelli aboard Alinghi 5 during the 33rd America's Cup.  TheDailySail: So have you recovered a little? Jean-Pierre Dick: We had a little fiesta. Me more than Loick Loick Peyron: A lot more...! JPD: ....with our family, so that is nice. If you don’t do the fiesta now, you never do it. TDS: Were you pleased with your performance? Winning is good... JP: Winning is good, but there is the manner of winning and we were particularly pleased that we had the impression that we controlled the performance. We had this nice feeling that we could win the race because we were a good team and we had a good boat too. LP: We were quite confident... JP: it is nice this feeling of being dominant. I am particularly happy about that. Of course it is a lot of work to do a boat like this, but I think we did a good job. And also the relationship