Prince Albert on board Esimit Europa 2

Crew of European maxi boat team presented in Monaco

Tuesday June 14th 2011, Author: Gorazd Mauri, Location: Monaco

With a new crew, including some of the best sailors from several different European countries, the Esimit Europa team is now ready to start its sporting season. The presentation of the crew, the first one to sail not for a nation, but in the name of a united Europe, took place in the Yacht Club de Monaco, Monte Carlo, in the presence of Prince of Monaco Albert II and other VIPs.

HSH the Prince of Monaco joined the Esimit Europa crew for a sailing trip, after welcoming them at the pier, where he delivered a key-note speech: “Sailing is a unique and noble sport; it promotes a strong and united team, encouraging dialogue between crew members. As President of the Yacht Club de Monaco I am proud that our members defend these core values of solidarity, friendship and cooperation. Today, on this special occasion of the launch of Esimit Europa 2, I wish the owner and his crew every success in realising their future goals and to them representing a united and successful Europe at the largest regattas all over the world.”

The project has announced further challenges for the future, in sports as well as in the field of diplomacy. Igor Simčič, the project founder and owner of the Esimit Europa 2 yacht, announced: “Going beyond Europe is among our long-term plans. For the moment, we will focus on doing our best to improve our results even further in Europe’s most important regattas. Furthermore, our efforts to foster collaboration among European peoples in ways other than sports continue. We are working on several projects and preparing our participation in the celebrations for the Cypriot presidency of the European Union.”

The team members were eager to start the new season in full steam. They will be coming back to Monte Carlo later on this summer, defending the champions’ title at the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta over 18-23 August.

Jochen Schümann (GER): “Sailing has always united peoples and continents. We are Germans, Slovenians, Italians, French, Spanish or whatever, but everyone is driving the same boat, the same Europe, and we are driving the continent together in this global development.”

Juan Vila (SPA): “This crew is composed not only by world-class sailors, but foremost by dedicated team players. Only highly motivated individuals, able to overcome their personal interests, can lead this boat to the top results.”

Sidney Gavignet (FRA): “Sailing, to me, equals to sharing: each time you sail, you share something with those you are working with and with those who are watching you. Thus, for me it is very important to be on a boat that does not only sail for victories, but also carries a greater message.”

Alberto Bolzan (ITA): “When you sail on the same boat, you become part of the same family. Despite our different backgrounds, there has never been the least problem of communication among us, as sports unites us.”

Vasilij Žbogar (SLO): “It is actually bewildering how it has been possible to gather a team with such a perfect synergy in a relatively short time.”

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